Top Three adventure activities this winter

South Africa is home to sunny skies, mountains, rivers and an expansive coastline that wraps around the country with the Atlantic Ocean on its west coast to the warm Indian Ocean on its east coast. South Africa is an idyllic adventure activity playground.

Whether your activity interests tend to the urban or rural or whether your passion is for land, water or air pursuits. As few activities are limited to adults only, most are family-friendly and accommodate children above a certain age (for their safety). This makes it easy to incorporate activities into family holidays. These activities are not limited to major metropolitan areas only, you’ll find a smorgasbord to choose from even in middle-of-nowhere towns.

If you want ideas of what to do when you go out this winter, try these top 3 activities.

Aerial Boardwalks are new to South Africa, but have been around a while in other parts of the world. This walkway brings you in close contact to the forest canopy and its varied wildlife. Broadwalks can be classified as a soft adventure for the entire family, they can be found in Dlinza Forest in Kwazulu-Natal and Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town.

Aerial cable trails take you up into tree canopy and see you whizzing along from one secure platform to another on the steel-cabled zip lines. Gliding between boughs and between towering trees gives you a bird’s eye view of vegetation, wildlife, the scenery of the area as well as the birdlife. There are many aerial cable trails around South Africa example, Drakensburg, Gauteng and Mpumalanga.

Aerial cable trails are safe and are not physically demanding. This is a family-friendly activity that is suitable for almost all ages. It is an ideal adventure activity for a group of friends or a child’s birthday party. It is exhilarating to fly through the trees and, at a good height off the ground, your view and experience of the area is unsurpassed.

Tarzan swings (Acrobranch) Designed as the ultimate treetop experience, Acrobranch offers an obstacle course that appeals to both the young and the young at heart. Acrobranch has centres all around South Africa, Johannesburg (Melrose), Cape Town (Constantia). An Acrobranch experience involves arriving in a large green forest then set of on a tour that includes a smorgasbord of zip lines, bridges and swings.

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