Top five ways to nail your face beat game

Have you been struggling to nail your face beat or get your eyebrows on fleek? Do not worry because make up is an art but it’s also a process of trial and error, so it’s only natural to still get it wrong even after a several attempts, even the pros are always learning.

Here are top five ways to up your make-up game:

Use a damp beauty blender Not only are beauty blenders great for achieving a flawless finish with your make-up products, they make application much better but only if they are damp (not soaking wet). So make sure to wet your beauty blender before each use and squeeze out all the excess water.

Prime your eyes before apply eyeshadow this creates a base for the colour to go on to. It also helps to use a transition shade which is closest to your skin tone before applying colour, allowing the colour to pop and stay on for longer.

Use a different brush to blend your eyeshadow using a fresh brush to blend your eyeshadow after it has been applied by a different brush allows you to ease up on the colour without running the risk of inadvertently applying more than you need.

Buy foundation according to your skin’s undertones this is easily one of the most complicated aspects of make-up and make-up application. Everyone has a primary skin tone and an undertone that is either pink, yellow, red, or neutral. Also divided into cool, warm or neutral. But, if learning all this is too much work for you, consult a professional and any local beauty store.

Groom your eyebrows before you fill them in Always start by brushing your eyebrows with a small brush. It gives you a better idea of what you are working with. The same goes for trimming your brows by removing excess hair around the natural brow shape before filling them in.

For you to have a perfect face beat, DO NOT apply your makeup under poor lighting conditions. Light allows you to see what you’re doing and how you’re going to look so the more light the better. Either apply it in front of a big window if you’re applying in the morning or do it in a brightly lit room in the evening.

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