Cheapest Travel Destinations You Can Afford This Festive Season.

It is almost that time of the year and with the Rand in a substandard state currently, South Africans may be in a panic mode and concluding that a vacation to a foreign country might not be included in the budget this year. Although with some cautious investigation and concise information for trading rates, overseas shores are attainable. Let us find a way to assist you to get the best deals; This is a collection, this absolute record of international affordable holiday vacations for South African tourist.


We have Kenya and it happens to be placed on the equator, enveloping a region elongating from Lake Victoria to Lake Turkana. You will get a chance to move afar from the shinning luminance of Nairobi, the capital city, and trail over the “big 5 “. When you visit the safari, check the house of worship in Mombasa, and analyse the coffee farmstead and try out the flavor tasting places. Yes, do not forget to wander around on Mount Kilimanjaro and the copious seaside situated by the Indian Ocean seaboard. When you want to partake in such a special vacation you need to be informed of the rates, the exchange rate is 1.00 ZAR = 7.56 Kenyan Shilling. It has been stated that the price of a regular single day stay in a hotel is estimated to be R1000.00 on average. We are grateful that dining out in the lands of Kenya is less in expenditure compared to South Africa*

When you have arrived the first place you can try could be, “Lamu Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage site”, the Nairobi Public Gallery, alongside its Snake Park, Botanical Gardens, and Mother-earth Pathway, let us not forget the rock craft on Mfangano Islet. A visa is now required from South Africans.


The affluent history escorted by the land of Egypt makes it distinct from the rest of the world. It’s prominent for its renowned primitive sites, with the likes of the Pyramids of Giza alongside the Valley of the Kings. Abroad, there are sufficient activities to sustain and keep us occupied, established from the unruffled “coral-filled waters of the Red Sea” to the high-spirited nightlife of Sharm el-Sheikh. When you decide to travel, the trading rate from South Africa will be 1.00 ZAR = 1.28 Egyptian Pound and a single day stay form a hotel is estimated on the average of R700 per day, and less expenditure when eating out compared to South Africa.

When you in the lands of Egypt the Blue Lagoon, the substantial Pyramids of Giza – You definitely need to witness the primeval Egyptian monument and a river journey beside the revitalizing Nile river, You will need to have a visa at your disposal.


We can afford to tour in the Morocco’s terrain, distinguished by the jagged summit and large portions of deserts. This bare, undomesticated territory multiplies to the fascination that the country grasps. Definitely you cannot complete your vacation without a stroll throughout the dashing market place, to travel on a flight  to Morocco it ranges from R8107, not too bad, the trading rate 1.00 ZAR = 0.68 Moroccan Dirham*, you can pay around R800.00 on a single stay in the hotel and cheaper when you eat out in comparison to South African outlets.

You can be allowed to visit places like Marrakesh Medina, Rabat’s Oudaias Kasbah district and “Volubilis – Morocco’s number one Roman ruin”, and you will need the visa to be permitted to vacate.

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