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    EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA launches #DriveSafeT campaign

    KYALAMI RACETRACK, JOHANNESBURG– 09/02/19 – Tshepo Makupu, Empress South Africa 2019, has embarked on a #DriveSafeT campaign, aimed at reducing the number of accidents and death on South Africa’s Roads.

    The campaign event was held at Kyalami, where Tshepo demonstrated her advanced driving skills using the pageant sponsored (Eagle Mining) 458 yellow Ferarri italia. She held a press briefing and addressed the crowd of 60 attendees and spectators on the importance of road safety, safe and responsible driving. She was accompanied by Tandice Rynhoud, Miss Photegenic South Africa 2019 who is a 19 year old professional model, and hails from Alberton. 


    “This festive season saw many families crippled by the death and injuries of losing loved ones. During the 2018 festive period, 767 people have died due to accidents on our South African roads. This is a 16% increase from 2017.In Gauteng alone there have been 125 deaths caused by accidents (Stats SA). We have started this campaign, early this year, as we feel that the festive season message has become somewhat complacent in giving impetus to safe and responsible driving. Our message of safe and responsible driving must be implemented all year round, and not just before and during the festive season, as there are many accidents throughout the year that can be prevented”, said Tshepo Makupu

    The #DriveSafeT campaign is an initiative by Tshepo, that will include hundreds of new contestants in the Empress SA pageant, who would be given the challenge to create videos and slideshows to grow this important cause.

    She has invited those who have a passion for speed, and fast cars to make use of Race Tracks such as Kyalami Racetrack, Swartzkops and other Raceway facilities to satiate their need for fast driving, as opposed to speeding on our roads. Empress SA is very concerned about the rise in texting and driving as a culprit for causing road accidents.

    “Our message to all road users and passengers is to buckle up. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, and your license disk up to date. Check your brakes and tyres regularly. Check your tyre pressure. Do not drink alcohol or take intoxication when driving. One drink is all it takes to lose control. Be courteous and vigilant on the road. Do not shoot the red robots. Always check for oncoming traffic even when at the green lights. Keep a safe following distance. Do not Text and drive. Wait to reach your destination before responding to text messages, Keep within the speed limit, and respect all road users. Arrive Alive for both yourself, passengers and other road users.”, said Tshepo Makupu.

    Tshepo intends on growing her campaign awareness nationwide in hopes that it would reduce the number of accidents on our roads. She has been crowned Empress South Africa 2019, on 17 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino in Durban. She aims to become involved in several causes and charities this year, as she is passionate in using her title to make a positive impact in her country. Tshepo is currently completing her advanced driving course.

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    ALEXANDRA, JOHANNESBURG – TSHEPO MAKUPU, is the first ever crowned EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA (2019). On Sunday 20th January 2019, Tshepo joined the FOOD FOR LIFE SA team to hand out food parcels to the community of Alexandra.  Tshepo has been actively involved in Food For Life charity drive every month since the beginning of last year.

    Her Supreme Majesty Tshepo Makupu, Empress south Africa hands out food parcels to children at Alexandra

    Food for Life SA serves 20,000 plates of food per day across South Africa, and one million plates per day internationally. Chairperson of Food for Life Sandton, Angie Rambaran says that their objective is to eradicate hunger one plate at a time, and make Alexandra township a hunger free zone. “The residents of Alexandra have welcomed Food for Life, with open arms and they look forward to having us there every month”, she said.

    South Africa currently experiences an 11% moderate Hunger crises.

    Tshepo Makupu enjoys being part of the FOOD FOR LIFE relief programme. She says “ I am inspired by the smiles of the children and appreciation from the adults who have a meal for their family for the next 2 or 3 days. Food is a basic need, and it’s an important initiative”

    Tshepo Makupu, Crowned Empress south Africa 2019 at Suncoast Casino on the 17th December 2017

    Tshepo Makupu has been actively involved in serving her community during her contest campaign. She has joined several Charity organisations, and has personally donated winter blankets to the underprivileged and homeless during last year’s Winter.

    Tshepo Makupu was crowned Empress South Africa on the 17 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino, Durban. 

    Empress South Africa is the coveted national Beauty title of the Miss Eagle SA online beauty platform also known as MESA 2018. Miss Eagle had received 35,000 applications and shortlisted to 500 contestants. From 100 Finalists, representing all cities and provinces across the country, Tshepo has clenched the first ever Empress SA Title. 

    Tshepo loves giving back to her South African community and empowering the youth and underprivileged, through motivation, public speaking and guidance. She plans to hold several workshops on motivating and empowering the youth during Her Reign this Year. 

    Tshepo is 27, and grew up in Kroonstad, Free State. She currently resides in Springs. She holds a Summa Cum Laude Degree (95% average) in Consumer Science, and manages over 49 employees in her job at a large manufacturing company. She is an entrepreneur and runs her own mobile spa. She is currently writing her own book, called “The Magic Mind” which is a motivational book to empower others. She has launched her own foundation called “Palesa Ya Setahaba” which is aimed at offering guidance and counselling to people in need.

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    SUNCOAST CASINO DURBAN, SOUTH AFRICA– History was made with the crowning of the first EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA 2019 on the 17th of December 2018 at Suncoast Casino, Barnyard Theatre.

    The radiant beauty Tshepo Makupu (26) representing Free State province was crowned Her Supreme Majesty EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA at this illustrious event.

    The panel of judges was headed by Dr Kwena Manamela (Mrs Africa).

    In total 25 contestants participated for the main title of Empress South Africa 2019. Tshepo Makupu was outstanding in her summer dress and swimwear modeling round. She was dressed in a Royal Elegant gown fit for an Empress, and she graced the ramp with poise and elegance.


    The Top 5 contestants where asked individual questions on how they would use their titles to make a positive difference in their country and community. Tshepo Makupu articulated herself very well, and answered that she feels the woman youth of our country need role models to look up to, and she felt by winning this title, she would use the title to empower and inspire the country’s youth.

    Tshepo Makupu will reign as Empress South Africa 2019, until the next Empress will be crowned towards the end of this year.

    EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA is the Coveted title of the world’s first large scale online beauty contest using the platform of MISS EAGLE SOUTH AFRICA.

    The pageant is the first of its kind and focuses on beauty with brains and purpose. Throughout the year contestants were given various tasks and challenges designed to empower them. They built their personal brands and made a difference in their communities, such as the Winter Blanket Drive, Motivational Talks at public gatherings and schools, various charity initiatives and media engagements. 

    Hundreds of contestants competed to win their province, with a point based system, however only the highest score winner of each province, was admitted into the pageant.

    These Nine Province Queens 18 to 28 years of age from all nine provinces as well as a special Queen of Hearts (selected at the pageant) took to the ramp and competed for this first ever massive coveted crown title of EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA. All nine provincial queens modeled three garments each including summer dresses, swimwear and evening gowns.

    The winner has won a large undisclosed cash prize. She will be built into a Brand and secure various opportunities during her reign. The other contestants were awarded with Honorary Titles. 

    More than 400 fans travelled to Suncoast Casino, Durban from all over South Africa, secured flights and accommodation to attend this Spectacular Historic event. Empress South Africa is a combination of the futuristic online world of Beauty contests merged with the Real world of pageants, using the latest cutting edge technology and social media. Contestants have met each other for the first time at the event. 

    Tickets were sold out in September after a few days listing on Computicket with hundreds of patrons flocking to the venue.

    The Empress South Africa pageant was illustrious and spectacular and will become a permanent National fixture in SA every year.


    Empress South Africa is the coveted winner title born from the Miss Eagle South Africa (Beauty with Brains and Purpose)  online social media Platform.

    It is the first National, Large scale online beauty contest in World History. 

    EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA had received over 35,000 applications from across all cities and provinces in South Africa. We have shortlisted to 500 contestants. Only 100 contestants have made it through to the finals. 25 of the Top Finalists participated at the pageant on 17 December 2018 at Suncoast Casino, Durban.

    EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA is the Ultimate title in the platform of Miss Eagle SA. It is the only other comprehensive and large-scale National beauty contest in South Africa.

    Empress SA contestants have featured in over one thousand media engagements (radio, television, newspapers, magazines, billboards and online)

    Empress SA has two music soundtracks on iTunes and two online presenters. Empress South Africa has the largest Facebook group community in the world with over ½ million members (580,000). Empress SA has received over 500 celebrity shoutouts from SA’s leading celebs, business and political leaders, including the president and ministers.

    As a team effort, our contestants have given back in excess of ½ Million rand in donations such as clothing, winter blankets, food and groceries to the underprivileged, children and the needy. All our contestants have been given a Mega Book Challenge to author their own books, public speaking, brand building and nation building.

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    Five Celebrity Beauty Hacks We All Need This Season

    Spring is coming soon and you might have to be without your facial armor, so, here are


    LINDA MTOBA, or as she refers to herself: “THE GIRL WITH A WHOLE LOT OF DISNEY”, looks nothing less of a Disney princess every time we see her. The recently married, Isibaya star admits, in an article, that her good looks are by inheritance. She does mention, however, that to keep her skin looking flawless, she is never without sunscreen. The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light gradually damages the elastane in the skin. Elastane is what keeps your skin from sagging. According to WEBMD, sun damage may not be apparent when you are young, but will definitely show later in life – and that’s not even half of it. The immediate effects of sunburn are discoloration and freckles.

    Here are my top three sunscreen products to keep you covered this season.

    •  LIPADOL (SPF 20).  This oil-based product is perfect for everyday wear. Don’t be scared away by the fact that it’s oil based, this oil supplements the skin’s natural oily layer that is stripped away by sun, wind and water. Please note, that this product is not for long days in the sun, rather, days where there is minimum sun exposure. This product will cost you approximately R79.95 (125ml)
    • CATAPHIL DAYLONG HIGH PROTECTION SPF FACE AND BODY LIPOSMAL SPRAY (SPF 30).  If you have sensitive skin, this brand name will sound very familiar to you. Not only is this sunscreen great for reaching hard to reach areas, it is water resistant and was scientifically designed not to block your pores. This product is good for everyday use and can be worn on the beach. This product will cost you, approximately R154.95 (150ml)

    BIONIKE DEFENSE SUN (SPF 50). This light-weight product, absorbs quickly and does not leave a sticky residue on your skin. It has been proven to protect from long term sun damage and has the “PRO-REPAIR Complex” that helps to strengthen “repair” mechanisms in the skin. This product will cost you approximately R149.95 (100ml).

    BOITY THULO is all about exercising regularly. Exercise increases blood flow in the body. The blood carries vital nutrients as well as oxygen to the cells in the body. This process will have your skin nourished and repaired from sun damage as well as pollutants. When the pores in the skin dilate during exercise, sweat carries the dirt and oil to the skins surface.

    NB. Ensure that you cleanse your face after a workout.

    GABRIELLE UNION has been twenty-four years old for a very long time. If you were wondering what kind of magic this fresh looking forty-four-year-old has been using to achieve this look, you are not alone. Gabrielle claims that she drinks a gallon (about eighteen glasses) of water every day. When asked how she drinks so much water in a single day, Union said that she drinks the first half of the gallon before noon, and the rest of the gallon, in the afternoon. This is extraordinary, but it seems to be working well. Ladies, hydration is key, for healthy looking skin.

    Here’s how you can hydrate your skin:

    • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
    • Don’t wash your face with hot water. Keep the water warm (as cold as bearable)
    • Once a week, during your cleansing routine, before toning, apply a thick layer of non-scented aqueous cream for, at least, fifteen minutes and then, with toner/micellar water, wipe the aqueous cream off. You can then continue with your moisturizing routine.

    BONANG MATHEBA popularly known as QUEEN B! is always on the move. In her interview with True Love magazine earlier this year, she dished out five of her beauty secrets. One of them were: never going to bed with makeup on. No matter how tired you are, grab a wipe and give your skin a breather. Going to bed with makeup on will cause avoidable hiccups, such as breakouts, infection, broken eyelashes, wrinkles, chapped lips…the list goes on. It is a nightmare.

    Here are make-up removal products that will make this process a million times better and quicker.


    This one is my ultimate favorite makeup removing product- simply because it is so versatile. Not only will this product remove your makeup, you can use it as a toner as well. It has been proven to lift dirt from the skin, which means that there is no painful scrubbing for you anymore. Better yet, throw the GARNIER MICELLAR WATER MAKEUP REMOVING TOWELETTS in your shopping basket as well, and you will be looking forward to removing your makeup every time.

    Approximately R85.00 (400ml)


    If you have sensitive skin, this product is for you. It is not fragranced, has no alcohol and is yet very effective.

    Approximately R156.00 (200ml)


    Neutrogena has come up with a revolutionary skin regime that keeps skin hydrated and they were sure to keep this tradition up – even in makeup removal. This product is perfect for sensitive skin as it cleanses and re-hydrates your skin at the same time.

    • Approximately R79.00 (200ml)

    BEYONCE follows doctors’ orders and exfoliates daily. In 2014, Beyoncé’s dermatologist, Dr. Harold Lancer released a book about skincare. In the book, Lancer simply describes exfoliating as, “just removing dull-skin debris and allowing oxygen to transfer the lower layers of skin.” There are many ways to exfoliate. Here are some ideas.


    You could either get yourself an electric exfoliation brush, or a basic one. The electric one has a spinning nozzle which works extra hard to lift the dead cells from your skin, whereas the basic one will need you to do all the work. If this brush is cleaned every day, it is perfect for everyday use.

    Approximately R39.90 (Basic)/ R 120 (Electric)


    This product has been good to so many of us – especially when we were suffering from acne in our teenage years, and guess what, CLEAN AND CLEAR “still got it”. This product is great for everyday exfoliation and will not leave your skin dry.

    Approximately R51.00 (150 ml)

    Keep every layer of yourself beautiful and where ever you go this season, don’t forget to take your shine along.

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    Twins on board for the King – Lootlove.

    She has kept the news under wraps, Lootlove – the King, our TV and radio household has disclosed her pregnancy and she is expecting twins.

    Well, she used her Instagram account to share one of the most significant moments in her life. She uploaded a picture of her swelling baby bump alongside a heartfelt much-detailed caption.

    The image depicted love, warmth and happiness; the 29-year-old has said, for her, this has been an extraordinary time. Something keeps filling her with gratitude and she appreciates the blessings.

    “This is the most beautiful time of my life, most precious, the scariest and the most exciting,” she said.

    She went further to express how celebrities are scrutinized for their lives; the expectations to share their confidential moments. She made an emphasis on the importance of her keeping pregnancy private, out of respect for tradition and both their families as a couple – (Sizwe “Reason” Moeketsi.)

    “She began, My life is your entertainment, I get that, but try walking a mile in my shoes. The most important thing for me has been protecting my family, my person’s family, his beautiful children and respecting tradition,” – the King said it.

    Such an ecstatic time witnessing sisters supporting each other in the industry, celebrities such as Bonang Matheba, Terry Pheto and Nomuzi, just to name a few. And fans joined in commenting and celebrating the proud moment of the young, beautiful mother to be. We wish her the best in her new journey.

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    Durban Interns #FillUpFNB

    Our South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest, has unleashed fantastic news. He shared, through his social media accounts the search for interns to help with his concert. This is a great opportunity to the youth of South Africa, Durban to be specific. This deserves an outstanding ovation, for opening doors of experience to new graduates and the unemployed youth.

    This, after successfully filling up FNB, our beloved rapper has taken to himself to get 50 interns for his internship program. Mr Nyovest established the program back in 2017 during the #FillUpFNB concert; the focal point is to elevate young people in their designated occupations to grow and expand. This is what our youth needs, opportunities for employment. When we pay attention to the unemployment rate in our country, it’s alarming; escalated to 27.5% around the third quarter of this year (2018,) considering it was only 27.2% in 2017.

    Cassper, directs the good news to Durban people, so if you stay in Durban, this is an opportunity of a lifetime for you to grab with both hands. The application is open to anyone from the ages of 18 and above. They will complete the application process via the interviews, with no complications, no hassle. What you need is your ID document when you attend the interview session.

    There has been a list of positions the internship program will focus on when selecting the interns: Talent Operations, Accreditation, Logistics, PR and Sponsorship, Catering, Talent Operations, Merchandise, Hospitality & Amp.

    The word is out Durban people, and the date of the interview will be on the 17th November at Moses Mabhida Stadium from 10:00 am – 15:00. Get ready people and when the choice has taken place, the selected will go under a two-day training to get ready for the 1st December 2018. This will be an opportunity for interns to showcase their skills to the public.

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    Sophie Ndaba’s ICU Rumours?

    Sophie Ndaba has become a controversy, following weeks of an anxiety-ridden atmosphere, the star has become strong minded and resorted to sharing a video on Instagram to squeeze the death hearsay concerning her from fans and the public.

    This began two weeks back after her image was circulating on the Twitter trend list, thereafter the tittle-tattle spread of her death. It keeps on getting better; prior to her alleged death, she was body shamed for her weight loss. I mean how much more can one-person deal?

    Although through her Instagram video she did not disappoint; Sophie was on point, her bundles of hair were flowing with ease, her makeup could not look any better. Which served as evidence to her healthy, much alive self; so this confirms she is not dead, she is still kicking people.

    “Living with Diabetes is not a death sentence. I’m living a fabulous life,” she said.

    When the rumours surfaced, Sophie trended on Twitter; fans overloaded the platform with questions filled with concerns, confusion in a search to affirm the credibility of the rumours. Now, apparently, someone mentioned the Television show – Expresso to be the one that announced the news to the public, although the show refuted the claims with haste. No transparent sign to who or how the rumours were ignited.

    “These past few weeks I’ve been trending and trending and trending. It’s quite boring because I am not dead, I am not in ICU and I am not a zombie.”

    She still had the courtesy to show gratitude by thanking her fans that are showing support; she addressed the negative individuals as well and advised them to focus on better things than feeding on the downfall of others.

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    Boity, becomes a rapper

    Who could have thought Boity was a rapper? This dates back to her interview with Slikour On Life, she has an independent recollection sharing the same space with the likes of Khuli Chana throughout a fight circa 2014.

    She states she was rapping along – “I was rapping along to, I believe, a Jay-Z song, and I remember Khuli being like, ‘we should do a song together,’ but I didn’t take it seriously, because I was like yeah, whatever,”  – this was stated during the interview.

    Love for Hip-hop has been part of her life’s passion, she was waiting for the courage and the right time. We are happy, she followed her passion and keep pushing.

    [“It’s been years. Everyone who is close to me knows that this is something that’s always been there. It’s not something that I would venture into, but the love and the passion for it has always been there. But the opportunity came about, and I guess the universe listened to my silent dreams, and I was presented with the opportunity.”]

    The beautiful part concerning the collaboration with Nasty C; she says, Nasty C, pushed and motivated her to drop the single. The world would be a better place if we encouraged each other to be the best that God created us to be.

    [“Nasty was like, ‘look you’ve got the talent, I’ve got a couple of songs for you, let’s do it.’ After he said it, I called him three weeks later, I was like, ‘were you being serious?’ And he was like, ‘I do not play with music, I wouldn’t risk that. So I want you to come into the studio, and let’s do it.”]

    Well, it happened, and its happening. She said she accepted the invite and welcomed direction and navigation. The good news is the Hip-Hop community, to be particular the women seem to be welcoming to her new venture in the rapping game. She dropped names such as Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai and Rouge. Even our old G – Slikour is impressed with her technical skills and not missing the beat when delivering her lines.

    It’s amazing how this collaboration began as a spontaneous act on club 808 when Nasty C was there performing. Everyone thought they were just having fun, but look at what that has produced.  It has produced a hit people!

    They debuted the song “Whuz Dat – on Metro Fm, it was quite a surprise to everyone’s ear to hear our princess rap. And the other rappers have already talked on a collaboration when she has settled in and ready to play more of the game.

    [“Gigi was one of the first people to DM me, she was like: “Yo man, I’m so proud of you, taking this step and whenever you’re ready to do a collabo or a feature or whatever, I am on there,“ Gigi is fantastic,”]  – she stated.

    Even our young Mabree – Nomuzi Mabhena is on her team. “Nomuzi as well, as much as she hadn’t heard the song yet she was like: People have been so positive, I’m rooting for you… “Boity mentioned.

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    Spread That Shea Butter

    Shea butter is everywhere and for good reason. The butter for the Gods comes from the Shea nut (pun intended) of the Karite tree which can be found throughout the Savannah belt of West Africa. The word Karite can be translated to Tree of Life. This name was rightly given as Shea butter has been praised for its ability to seemingly rebirth the skin and hair. So how exactly can this buttery beauty be used? Read on to find out.

    First things first- whatever Shea butter product you’re using you need to ensure that it’s unrefined as possible. Unrefined means that it hasn’t been as processed and still contains all it’s natural ingredients. Unrefined Shea butter will have a label that says unrefined. Then again that doesn’t prove anything. Secondly, when it comes to odour your Shea butter should not be odourless nor should it smell like a medicine cabinet. 

    • Body Rub

    Shea butter can be used as a moisturizer when applied to dry areas on the body. The butter is very high in Vitamins A, E & F which aids in cell regeneration and circulation. This means that Shea butter has the capacity to help the appearance of stretch marks as well as reduce cellulite.

    Shea butter can reduce appearance of stretch marks

    Pat your skin dry with a towel. Once you’ve dried yourself off after a bath, use your fingertips to apply the Shea butter to your body. Make sure to massage it in circular motions that that your body heat will melt the butter making it easier for the skin to absorb it

    • Made Up

    As it’s a great moisturizer, it would be a good idea to apply Shea butter on before putting on makeup. It’ll help replenish the skin. It also helps with eye bags and dark marks.

    • Whip Your Hair

    There’s a reason why Shea butter can be found as an ingredient in hair products. It helps with dandruff as well as sealing in moisture. Not to mention it’s quite the volumizer.

    helps with dandruff as well as sealing in moisture

    It can be used as part of a deep conditioning routine. Massage the butter into your hair. Wrap it in a towel and let it set for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it out and from there use your choice of shampoo and conditioner.

    • And pout

    Yep. Shea butter also caters to your lips. You can actually create your own lip balm using Shea butter.

    • Stop scratching

    Shea butter has anti-inflammatory elements so it can reduce itchiness that comes from insect bites as well as limit the chances of the bitten are swelling.

    What are you waiting for? Grab your purse and go get that (unrefined) Shea butter!

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    HHP dies, the dangers of depression.


    We have lost yet another artist and Mzansi mourns the passing of our Hip-hop legend (HHP.)

    One thing for sure; his death reveals the dangers of depression in our country. Many are the speculations circulating his death. Although one thing is for sure, he was experiencing depression; they said it to be years of depression, he was battling and finally, it ended his life.

    HHP’s real name Jabulani Tsambo has left us in shock; one of his hip-hop artist friend Slikour says there is not enough information circulating around about the effects of depression. He reckons our country and communities need to be told concerning the dangers of this disease.

    “I don’t know how we can start teaching ourselves to deal with it, people who live with it and what advice we give them.”  – Slikour

    Fellow South African’s, continue sending their condolences after the death of the legend; the respected,  the honoured by most in our country – HHP is indeed a legend in the music business even in his death.

    The platform of social media helps fanatics show love in such cases; many have been paying their respects to the fallen star – Jabulani Tsambo. Even our beloved Cassper Nyovest has joined,  highlighting his disbelief of the matter. One thing that stands out to most people is his sense of humour.

    “ He’ll be remembered for being himself. He’ll be remembered for humour as well, he was one for the funniest people you can ever be around. Obviously, he’ll be remembered for his rhymes, for his flow. He was larger than life.” – DJ Cleo also sated his recollection of the legend.

    This has evoked the concern that depression has on people. We need to be alert to the dangers depression poses on people from the early stages. When you have the thoughts of death, wishing to kill yourself to end your misery, it heads you to depression.

    You need to talk to someone or find professional help. Killing yourself cannot be the only solution, there are other ways we can deal with depression. Life can get difficult, but we have the power to overcome, we need to stand strong and never give up in life.

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