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    Empress South Africa 2021 Is Crowned!

    Johannesburg – On Saturday the 1st of May, Robyn Mckeddow, a 20 year old model from Ennerdale was crowned Empress South Africa 2021. This prestigious event took place at The Barnyard Theatre in Menyln Park.
    The delegates modelled three outfits namely traditional wear, swimwear and evening wear in an elaborate fashion extravaganza.
    Empress South Africa is the largest online beauty contest in the world, with over 45 000 applicants and hundreds of contestants. There are three levels that contestants navigate through, namely contestant level, semi-finalist and finalist levels. Each level is designed to empower women and encourage them to be independent.
    The national beauty with brains and purpose contest showcased 44 contestants. Thereafter top 16, then top 5 where systematically selected until the winner was crowned. The judges where Estaschia Cossadianos, an international model, creative director and author, Dimpho Maphoto, Miss Entrepreneur South Africa 2019 and Jamey-Leigh Stellenberg, Empress South Africa 2019 Top 5 were Robyn Mckeddow, Kelebogile Bokaba, Zamokuhle Dlamini, Ammarah Ismail and Katlego Matjila.
    The contest also featured four different titles. Miss Public Choice SA went to Mpumelelo Ayanda Mtsweni.
    Miss Personality SA went to Phuluso Nemahungani, Miss Photogenic SA went to Katlego Matjila and Miss Entrepreneur SA went to Sphesihle Zulu.
    Robyn walks away with a large undisclosed cash prize as well as many other prizes, brand building and recognition. She will promote her campaign #iwillnotsurrender, throughout her reign.

    Interview with Robyn Mckeddow:
    What is your # campaign about?
    1. My Hashtag Campaign : #iwillnotsurrender speaks to the injustices women and children are subjected to everyday. My aim is to continue raising awareness about these heinous crimes aswell as to educate and empower people on how best to fight back & triumph over this vile atrocity. We need to unite and take a stand – together we can make a difference! Let us take stand against Gender Based Violence.
    2. What do you plan to do for your reign year?
    I have a deep desire to give back to the community and the underprivileged.It is only by being the change, that we wish to see; that we can make a meaningful impact through uplifting and being a blessing to those less fortunate, who in turn, could further be a blessing to others.
    3. What are your passions, aspirations and hobbies?
    I love reading, I tend to get lost or caught up in the pages. I’m passionate about becoming the best version of myself and empowering women. The worst feeling in the world is feeling worthless or not good enough, I want to boost and reassure women that no matter what shape or size you are, you are perfect just the way you are. There are no limits or boundaries to becoming your absolute best.

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    Tacos Made Easy

    If trying out new foods is what you love to do, then tacos should be on your list of things to make. It’s delicious, full of flavour and is pretty easy to make if you don’t feel like finding a restaurant that does. All you need is the right recipe.


    Mince (any amount you want), Salsa (any flavour), Taco shells, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, cheese (grated)


    1. Cook mince in a pan over medium heat for about 10 minutes until brown.

    2. Add the salsa into the pan and stir in to add flavour until it is ready.

    3. Prepare the taco shells as instructed on the package.

    4. Spoon mince into the taco shell and add the lettuce, tomato and cheese.

    If you would like to add a little more variety into the meal, then you can purchase tortilla chips to have on the side. Sprinkle cheese on them and melt it using a microwave. You can also eat them with the salsa.

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    Exercises That Help Reduce Stress

    People feel stress for a number of different reasons and that isn’t good for our health. People are always trying new ways to reduce their stress levels but a simple and effect method that not only reduces stress but will also improve your health is exercising. Exercising, or any physical activity, pumps up the endorphins which are the feel good hormones of the brain and acts as a natural painkiller that can reduce stress. Here are a few exercises that are effective.


    A powerful workout that not only reduces stress but can also improve your balance and coordination. It  gives you the opportunity to learn self defence if ever needed and can serve as an outlet for any anger and frustration you might want to let out.


    Try running, walking, jogging or even power walking. The key is to keep moving as it increases your heart rate. When your heart rate is accelerated, your endorphins are at its highest and will significantly lower stress.

    Team Sports

    Another way to reduce stress is to surround yourself with people you have fun with, so why not combine the two together? Gather up your family and friends and participate in some team sports. You get in a workout, lower stress and have fun with the family all at the same time.

    Yoga/Tai Chi

    This is all about movement and puts a lot of focus on breathing. It is the perfect way to calm your mind and just enjoy the peace it makes you feel. It gives you the chance to forgot your worries and just be.


    Combining fun with exercise are effective methods to reduce stress. Going on a long hike will give you a workout while you take in the scenery as you go. This will put you in a better mood and your stress will be the last thing on your mind.

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    Winter fashion tips from Mihlali Ndamase’s wardrobe

    Are you looking for ways to stay stylish and warm this winter?

    Take a look at one of the favorite local beauty and lifestyle influencer, Mihlali Ndamase’s wardrobe for some tips.

    Blouses-The polo necks and long-sleeved t-shirts get tired and you need to switch it up. Getting a variety of blouses is the way to switch up your winter wardrobe by adding some sophistication to your style. Plus you can layer as many vests as you need underneath! Look for ones with exaggerated sleeves or neck bows to avoid looking too plain.

    A strong blazer isn’t just a Winter must-have, it’s a wardrobe staple! Blazers are the bougiest of the jacket family. It can dress up any simple look and take you from a chilled day to the office in one quick step!

    Jumpsuit are ideal for winter because, again, you can layer as many long johns as you need underneath for warmth. The bonus is that they complement every figure!. Make sure you get a nice thick belt to add to your look to accentuate your figure. Take a look at how Mihlali rocked her black jumpsuit, stunning!

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    Barbie doll made in Lira’s image

    Lira has made history by becoming the first African woman to have a Barbie doll made in her image.Growing up as a black child, it was always a mission to find a Barbie Doll that matched our skin. While our fairer-skinned peers played around with toys that looked just like they did.

    When Lira unveiled her very own Barbie doll made in her likeness; it felt like a massive step forward for African children. The doll was made as part of Barbie’s 60th anniversary celebratory campaign titled Shero, which aims to empower and inspire girls around the world.

    Lira took to Instagram to share the news and revealed how important this moment was for her and all the girls she hoped to inspire:”I am proud to announce that I have been awarded a one-of-a-kind Lira Barbie doll, as part of Barbie’s 60th Anniversary Shero campaign celebrating role models who inspire young girls to be all they can be. I am the very first African to be bestowed with this honour and I’m simply thrilled to be honoured in this way.”Dozens of followers including DJ Zinhle and Terry Pheto took to the comments section to praise Lira for the empowering move she was making just days before South African Women’s Day.

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    Graduated BUT Unemployed.

    It is that time again, what happens following Facebook updates, Instagram post and the tweets of our graduation images? We awake to the reality of youth unemployment. It suddenly dawns on the individual, how their social background, race, age, financial status and the degree they have attained might not apply to the mainstream.

    “In  South African working-age population increased by 153 000 or 0,4 percent in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the fourth quarter of 2017. The elevation in both employment (up by 206 000) and unemployment (up by 100 000) over the quarter led to the rise in the labour force participation rate now standing at 59,3%. It is shocking how the Unemployment rate (26,7%) remained unchanged over the first quarter of 2018 compared to the fourth quarter of 2017 ,”-  according to Stats SA.

    Every year unemployed graduates flood in numbers, adding to the statistics, this pre-pends to our existing unemployment dilemma.

    It has been stated by the International Labour Organisation that our country South Africa has one of the loftiest statistics of unemployment rates. This is a predicament affecting our young people every day.

    As beautiful as the ceremony and the commemoration of the graduation day may be; it is usually short-lived.

    The black gown and the hat that symbolise success, reaching a milestone in one’s life; when you have taken them off and hanged them, one resort’s to panic for the future, with the prospect of being part of the unemployed status quo.

    Well, there has been a cry out from the social media platform, #hashtagHireAgraduate – movement.

    The movement establishes Graduates coming from diverse backgrounds, allocated in the different parts of South Africa. Each person looking for an employment opportunity but is met with a lack of resources. The black graduate struggles to be financially independent, once they graduate, they are submerged in a system of crippling calamity that proves to oppress the graduate from securing a job.

    We must not turn a blind eye to the exclusion in South Africa; it is so entrenched in the employment sector one needs to speak up. It makes it impossible to act visually impaired; it exudes from a plain task such as applying and attempting to find a job. As a people, we are sometimes oblivious to the effort it takes and the money, time needed to allocate, secure the resources required to complete the process of finding a job. When we scrutinise the process taken, you then conclude; lack of resources prohibits countless graduates to be employed. The process is exclusive to the destitute, indigent or the average graduate.

    Let us delve into what resources you need to be in a position of being able to scout for a job, and how to stand a reasonable chance of getting appointed.

    Primarily you need exposure to the internet; thus ranging from a WiFi or purchasing data to load on your router or phone. Remember for the average family or household to install WiFi is a luxury most cannot afford. Do not get me started on the outrageous prices of data one has to keep up with to ensure full-time connection throughout the day. That comes with a limitation on the number of minutes or hours a person can spend navigating the net for vacancies.

    The internet cafe works on an hourly rate, if you plan to outstay your welcome, you will end up paying more than you bargained for; another complication could be the lack of internet cafe facilities in certain parts of our communities. Also, the travelling expenses of reaching the facilities, and how many times in a week can an individual be able to make such a trip?


    Keep connected to the Alumni Association.

    When you graduate you become an alumnus of whatever university, college or institution you attended. Stay connected, keep that relationship resuscitated. Ensure your current details; emails, digits are updated to their offices. There is a possibility of you scoring a decent job through the Alumni Association.

    Take the initiative for Soft skills Development.

    It is crucial to obtain soft skills required to persevere and advance in the work market

    – Indestructible  Work Ethic in the workplace.

    – Positive outlook in life, a pleasant Attitude.

    – Exceptional Communication Skills.

    – Time discipline, better time management.

    – Cultivate problem-solving skills (become a problem solver)

    – Develop ways to synergize/ become a team player.

    – Build and structure a self-reliance/confident character.

    – Learn to allow constructive criticism, accept mistakes, learn from them, and take action.

    Mingle and Network with people of influence.

    Keep in mind, a word of mouth is a powerful tool, referrals are another tactic you can utilise to further your chances of employment. Stay connected with people in the same industry as yourself. When your referral is from a trusted associate with loyalty and integrity, then you stand a better chance.

    Obtain and secure additional skills.

    Great, you have got your degree, honours in your respective field, but it does not limit you to remain with those acquired skills. Do not quarantine your self, remove barriers and limitations; if you don’t partake in advancing your skills, you stand a chance to hinder your progress. Take initiative to develop yourself and your skills.

    If you are to prevail and climb higher in the ladder, then never be satisfied with mediocrity. You can do online courses; take a short course base it on your line of interest. Computer skills, management skills, writing or whatever may apply to your current skills. This will appendage the skills you already own.

    Assist as a Volunteer.

    Humble beginnings. We all need to start somewhere in life, do not be ashamed to do something for free for an estimated period, to get the experience and the opportunity you want out of life. Be willing to be humble and hungry to do whatever it takes to see your vision materialise (as long as it is morally and ethically acceptable to you as a person). What you need to consider before committing is their mission statement. Is it an organisation that will value your skills? Any potential permit recruitment policy? This works best for the “in demand” working experience.

    As long as you moving forward with a solid plan, regardless of how many times you fall, you will never fail if you do not give up.

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    EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA launches #DriveSafeT campaign

    KYALAMI RACETRACK, JOHANNESBURG– 09/02/19 – Tshepo Makupu, Empress South Africa 2019, has embarked on a #DriveSafeT campaign, aimed at reducing the number of accidents and death on South Africa’s Roads.

    The campaign event was held at Kyalami, where Tshepo demonstrated her advanced driving skills using the pageant sponsored (Eagle Mining) 458 yellow Ferarri italia. She held a press briefing and addressed the crowd of 60 attendees and spectators on the importance of road safety, safe and responsible driving. She was accompanied by Tandice Rynhoud, Miss Photegenic South Africa 2019 who is a 19 year old professional model, and hails from Alberton. 


    “This festive season saw many families crippled by the death and injuries of losing loved ones. During the 2018 festive period, 767 people have died due to accidents on our South African roads. This is a 16% increase from 2017.In Gauteng alone there have been 125 deaths caused by accidents (Stats SA). We have started this campaign, early this year, as we feel that the festive season message has become somewhat complacent in giving impetus to safe and responsible driving. Our message of safe and responsible driving must be implemented all year round, and not just before and during the festive season, as there are many accidents throughout the year that can be prevented”, said Tshepo Makupu

    The #DriveSafeT campaign is an initiative by Tshepo, that will include hundreds of new contestants in the Empress SA pageant, who would be given the challenge to create videos and slideshows to grow this important cause.

    She has invited those who have a passion for speed, and fast cars to make use of Race Tracks such as Kyalami Racetrack, Swartzkops and other Raceway facilities to satiate their need for fast driving, as opposed to speeding on our roads. Empress SA is very concerned about the rise in texting and driving as a culprit for causing road accidents.

    “Our message to all road users and passengers is to buckle up. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, and your license disk up to date. Check your brakes and tyres regularly. Check your tyre pressure. Do not drink alcohol or take intoxication when driving. One drink is all it takes to lose control. Be courteous and vigilant on the road. Do not shoot the red robots. Always check for oncoming traffic even when at the green lights. Keep a safe following distance. Do not Text and drive. Wait to reach your destination before responding to text messages, Keep within the speed limit, and respect all road users. Arrive Alive for both yourself, passengers and other road users.”, said Tshepo Makupu.

    Tshepo intends on growing her campaign awareness nationwide in hopes that it would reduce the number of accidents on our roads. She has been crowned Empress South Africa 2019, on 17 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino in Durban. She aims to become involved in several causes and charities this year, as she is passionate in using her title to make a positive impact in her country. Tshepo is currently completing her advanced driving course.

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    ALEXANDRA, JOHANNESBURG – TSHEPO MAKUPU, is the first ever crowned EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA (2019). On Sunday 20th January 2019, Tshepo joined the FOOD FOR LIFE SA team to hand out food parcels to the community of Alexandra.  Tshepo has been actively involved in Food For Life charity drive every month since the beginning of last year.

    Her Supreme Majesty Tshepo Makupu, Empress south Africa hands out food parcels to children at Alexandra

    Food for Life SA serves 20,000 plates of food per day across South Africa, and one million plates per day internationally. Chairperson of Food for Life Sandton, Angie Rambaran says that their objective is to eradicate hunger one plate at a time, and make Alexandra township a hunger free zone. “The residents of Alexandra have welcomed Food for Life, with open arms and they look forward to having us there every month”, she said.

    South Africa currently experiences an 11% moderate Hunger crises.

    Tshepo Makupu enjoys being part of the FOOD FOR LIFE relief programme. She says “ I am inspired by the smiles of the children and appreciation from the adults who have a meal for their family for the next 2 or 3 days. Food is a basic need, and it’s an important initiative”

    Tshepo Makupu, Crowned Empress south Africa 2019 at Suncoast Casino on the 17th December 2017

    Tshepo Makupu has been actively involved in serving her community during her contest campaign. She has joined several Charity organisations, and has personally donated winter blankets to the underprivileged and homeless during last year’s Winter.

    Tshepo Makupu was crowned Empress South Africa on the 17 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino, Durban. 

    Empress South Africa is the coveted national Beauty title of the Miss Eagle SA online beauty platform also known as MESA 2018. Miss Eagle had received 35,000 applications and shortlisted to 500 contestants. From 100 Finalists, representing all cities and provinces across the country, Tshepo has clenched the first ever Empress SA Title. 

    Tshepo loves giving back to her South African community and empowering the youth and underprivileged, through motivation, public speaking and guidance. She plans to hold several workshops on motivating and empowering the youth during Her Reign this Year. 

    Tshepo is 27, and grew up in Kroonstad, Free State. She currently resides in Springs. She holds a Summa Cum Laude Degree (95% average) in Consumer Science, and manages over 49 employees in her job at a large manufacturing company. She is an entrepreneur and runs her own mobile spa. She is currently writing her own book, called “The Magic Mind” which is a motivational book to empower others. She has launched her own foundation called “Palesa Ya Setahaba” which is aimed at offering guidance and counselling to people in need.

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    Nomzamo Mbatha takes a picture with the wrong person.

    Who could have thought, posing and taking a picture with the legendary Arthur Mafokate at the ANC Manifesto launch in Durban over the past weekend would arouse concerns, disapprovals from fans and other socialites ? I am convinced when she agreed to take the picture; she did not think much of the ordeal; fans did not waste time to remind her of the social responsibility she has as an activist.

    As soon as the picture emerged on social media, there was a great turbulent, insisting her current role and the image associating her with an alleged abuser is conflicting to what she stands for in the public eye. It’s amazing how things can change with the blink of an eye.

    We need to recall our legendary star was accused of assault in 2017 by the onetime girlfriend singer Çiçi, proceeding a dispute that erupted between the two that cause Cici severe injuries. We need to understand the case is still existent; she is said to testify in August 2019.

    Her role as an activist was put under scrutiny on social media with fans exasperated, stating their disapproval.

    Nomzamo, responded, acknowledging her flaw and highlighted she did not respond in a logical manner when the image was taken, she just followed common courtesy. In those split seconds, it did not dawn on her what impact it might have on her and the public. –  She has pronounced that her thinking capacity was not in tune with what she stands for when she posed for the picture with Arthur.

    “I’m cringing with you. I was taking a walk when I made my way past his standing, post the concert and looking for my manager when he greeted and whipped out his phone for a picture. Being polite I absent ‘mindedly’ obliged. I’m definitely not a fan and I’m sorry I wasn’t present enough to say “Fu*k off, no thanks,” that was her response to her fans”.

    It looks like the leading party has separated themselves from the alleged abuser Arthur, stating – “ while they have supported him in the past, reports of his alleged abuse go against their values and policies”. On behalf of Nomzamo, the ANC released an apology, reassuring the public they have full confidence in her abilities as an activist.

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    We say NO to body shamers!

    Take a moment and think about it; how many times are you told to alter your appearance? And things are constantly changing, what worked for this season might not be efficient for the next. We are bombarded with advice, tips, recommendations on how to shed off our weight; how to change how we look – “to feel better about ourselves” or at least they give us the idea, all our problems will be solved when we fix the outside.

    There is a constant reminder of how imperfect one is, and ideas on how to rectify our physical defects are constantly circulating, so to affect how we think and see ourselves. None of these people knows who we are on a personal level, or received clear information on how we feel, which concludes they do not care. Body shaming is everywhere; our television, magazines, newspapers, communities and the people we spend time with on a regular proliferate this disease.

    Sometimes we are not conscious of the implications, but even in our own social gatherings, we have made it a norm to criticize and voice out how we are not pleased with certain body parts, either from ourselves or those around us.

    Whoever established the movement of body shaming, and those embracing the course all share a twisted mindset. Body shaming is wrong, no matter what angle you approach it from,  come what may; public figure or to the average person, the impact is the same or even greater to the public figure, due to the pressure.

    Nonetheless, we all know the damage this infuriating outburst of body shaming has on an individual psychologically, if we do not know, we need to research and read about the implication the movement has on a person. Yet day by day someone faces body shaming, incidents caused by opinionated people who believe they have the right to inform others how they ought to look and present themselves in public. Unfortunately, body shaming is no respecter of persons, no one is immune to the attacks.

    Yes, it has been introduced to different platforms to help address the subject, hoping to eradicate this kind of mindset that has affiliated many. The social media is frequently used as a platform to address the outcry, commencing to the girl next door and the many celebrities who are either concern or affected.

    Celebrity body shaming is a common factor regulated by the paparazzi and fans. It is not a recent issue that is taking us by surprise, no, rather it is escalating and getting out of hand. In South Africa the likes of Samkelo Ndlovu has been greatly affected; with the immediate effect, she posted an extensive Instagram post addressing the fans a piece of her mind for those who are juxtaposing her youthful weight at the age of 21 and her current body weight.

    “My body has also grown… from a girl’s body into a woman’s body. What [irks] me are humans who last saw me on a show where I was 21…and say “you’re so fat now” or “go to the gym”…

    “ I admire and hold respect for my job and I know that in order for me to do my job, you have to look at me. Even on those days when I’m not feeling my sexiest or most beautiful or leanest and happy. You have to look at me. I will only allow that pressure to be the only pressure I take with me to the gym. My job. I will not succumb to uninformed humans who emerge from their sloth homes and troll at me. I do encourage you to go tell your mom or sister she’s so fat now and returns back to me.”

    You would expect people such as Gigi Hadid to have it better; runaway model and an ambassador for some of the biggest brands in Hollywood, but she is constantly bashed, either accused of being curvy for modelling or too thin; she is sometimes reminded she needs to eat, what a life!

    We can never forget the former model – Tyra Banks, she has been a victim of body shaming after she gained weight and it became visible through an image taken by the paparazzi during her vacation while wearing her swimsuit. As I have stated, no one is immune, especially women.

    Honestly, it is easier to get acquainted with body shamers, look no further. The method is straightforward; pregnancy hearsay, remarks about putting on weight and pressurising others with nasty comments on what is appropriate for them to wear. Although some of these stars are not governed by the opinions of others, those that are easily influenced have a hard time dealing with the pessimistic remarks they get. We are grateful for those that still appreciate themselves with or without the validation of others. Well, not everyone has a strong mindset, some do fall into the victim mode.

    The Disney princess – Demi Lovato, grew up in the limelight and without a doubt, it has not been easy for her or anyone who became a star at a young age. Demi Lovato is always protecting herself from body shamers, from her early age, trolls always commented on her physical appearance.

    Latterly, people had a mouthful after the singer appeared to have gained weight on her stay at rehab, they entertained a paparazzi photo that surfaced on the net illustrating her in a bad state, obviously with the attempt to destroy her self confidence. She has been known to shut down any negative comments directed at her with confidence. At least she knows how to defend herself against trolls.

    Understand Your Body

    The sooner one learns to study, read, get informed about his/her body, the better they will be equipped for defence. The Understanding of the fluctuation of your body weight, the reasons and how to prevent them if you wish to do so, might come in handy. This will prohibit those dreadful exercise regimes and eating plans that are introduced when matters have escalated.

    Look, no one is perfect and there will always be someone in your mind who appears to be in great shape with an appealing face and a fat bank account. That should not stop you from loving the person that you are; love yourself with all your imperfections. Learn to love yourself inside out. Do not wait on someone else to validate you. Take charge of your life.

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