EMPRESS SOUTH AFRICA launches #DriveSafeT campaign

KYALAMI RACETRACK, JOHANNESBURG– 09/02/19 – Tshepo Makupu, Empress South Africa 2019, has embarked on a #DriveSafeT campaign, aimed at reducing the number of accidents and death on South Africa’s Roads.

The campaign event was held at Kyalami, where Tshepo demonstrated her advanced driving skills using the pageant sponsored (Eagle Mining) 458 yellow Ferarri italia. She held a press briefing and addressed the crowd of 60 attendees and spectators on the importance of road safety, safe and responsible driving. She was accompanied by Tandice Rynhoud, Miss Photegenic South Africa 2019 who is a 19 year old professional model, and hails from Alberton. 


“This festive season saw many families crippled by the death and injuries of losing loved ones. During the 2018 festive period, 767 people have died due to accidents on our South African roads. This is a 16% increase from 2017.In Gauteng alone there have been 125 deaths caused by accidents (Stats SA). We have started this campaign, early this year, as we feel that the festive season message has become somewhat complacent in giving impetus to safe and responsible driving. Our message of safe and responsible driving must be implemented all year round, and not just before and during the festive season, as there are many accidents throughout the year that can be prevented”, said Tshepo Makupu

The #DriveSafeT campaign is an initiative by Tshepo, that will include hundreds of new contestants in the Empress SA pageant, who would be given the challenge to create videos and slideshows to grow this important cause.

She has invited those who have a passion for speed, and fast cars to make use of Race Tracks such as Kyalami Racetrack, Swartzkops and other Raceway facilities to satiate their need for fast driving, as opposed to speeding on our roads. Empress SA is very concerned about the rise in texting and driving as a culprit for causing road accidents.

“Our message to all road users and passengers is to buckle up. Ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy, and your license disk up to date. Check your brakes and tyres regularly. Check your tyre pressure. Do not drink alcohol or take intoxication when driving. One drink is all it takes to lose control. Be courteous and vigilant on the road. Do not shoot the red robots. Always check for oncoming traffic even when at the green lights. Keep a safe following distance. Do not Text and drive. Wait to reach your destination before responding to text messages, Keep within the speed limit, and respect all road users. Arrive Alive for both yourself, passengers and other road users.”, said Tshepo Makupu.

Tshepo intends on growing her campaign awareness nationwide in hopes that it would reduce the number of accidents on our roads. She has been crowned Empress South Africa 2019, on 17 December 2018, at Suncoast Casino in Durban. She aims to become involved in several causes and charities this year, as she is passionate in using her title to make a positive impact in her country. Tshepo is currently completing her advanced driving course.

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