The Road Less Travelled: Sri Lanka

We all have Travel Bucket Lists full of the places we dream of going. I have had one since I was 10, and it is nothing short of ambitious. My parents always told me I suffered from a severe case of Wanderlust, and it is very true. I believe that the true way of learning about this world is experiencing it first had and exploring everything it has to offer. Travel is life’s greatest teacher.

With the experience of Travel becoming ever more accessible via various Travel Companies and Packages which they offer, people are jetting off to Paris, London, New York and every other famous destination you can possibly think of. And it is so wonderful! We can truly ride the current of a Global Society.

We have been seeing the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty on our Television Screens since we were small, and to physically stand in front of them and see them jutting into the sky in all of their majesty is truly incredible. These famous destinations are certainly a must see. However, sometimes you can discover something so much more priceless when you choose to take the road less traveled. Or in this case, the flight route less traveled.

Sri Lanka 

Off of the coast of India lies the island country of Sri Lanka. It is a place so rich with beauty, culture and history and teaming with wildlife and lush tropical landscapes, it makes me think of The Lost City of Atlantis, or some other Legendary Paradisaical place.

From its Golden sand beaches that hug the Indian Ocean to its rolling Green Planes dotted with Ancient Temples, National Parks and dense forests, there is almost too much to see and do. Sri Lanka is one of the top 25 Biodiversity hot spots in the world and its National Parks offer some of the most beautiful and authentic wildlife sightings in the world.

A night safari can show you all of the glory of the Sri Lankan Jungle by night. This is offered at the Yala National Park, and promises to be a once in a lifetime experience as you camp beneath the stars and watch for the incredible wildlife that envelops you.

Hiking through Sri Lanka is also highly recommended. There are many walks that can take you on a tour through the ages back to a time when Ancient Palaces and Temples ruled. The District of Kandy can be traveled through on footpaths that take you through Shrines, breathtakingly beautiful forest areas and traditional villages, taking you right to the very heart of what Sri Lanka is.If Hiking is too mainstream for you, Sri Lanka also offers the amazing opportunity of Kayak tours. Sail right off the beaten track and through Sri Lanka’s rushing rivers to get a view of the surroundings that cannot be seen by any other means, and get an adrenaline rush while doing it. This is absolutely an adventure that should not be missed, and a memory you will never forget.Sri Lanka is also home to the amazing Architectural wonders that are Rock Temples- as the name suggests, these are Temples literally carved into the natural landscapes. Caves and Mountains transformed into thousand year old sacred sanctuaries.  

According to Lonely Planet, the best time of year to visit Sri Lanka is April or September to November. Here, you have good chances for sunshine and fun times all round. 

Whenever you go, Sri Lanka is guaranteed to be a flurry of sights and experiences that will carve themselves into your travel memories forever.

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