Travel Tripping- Festive Season

With the year passing by at ultra-speed, you probably haven’t gotten a chance to decide what you’re going to do at the end of it. Luckily for you, we’re about to make choosing the ultimate festive holiday destination much more easy. Not only are these places relaxing and perfect for the whole family but they won’t stretch your budget… Much.

Cape Town

Cape Town Is The Place To Be In December

There’s a reason why so many people across the world flock to the Mother City during the December holidays. It has so much to offer ranging from riding a cable car up Table Mountain to wine-tasting at the Cape Point Vineyards. An average flight is R1500 whereas a bus ride can cost you R1000


Thailand is not just the setting for the Hangover sequel. As of late, it’s become a favourite holiday destination. With the vibrant capital that is Bangkok, it’s not hard to believe that so many people are flowing to the Asian country. The nightlife, striking islands, beautiful temples as well as the notorious cuisine- It’s no wonder you’d wake up with a possible hangover. A flight to Thailand could set you back R6168 and the country doesn’t require a tourist visa provided you produce confirmed return flight tickets.


Who doesn’t want to visit the pyramids in Egypt and pretend to be Cleopatra? There’s also more to this great country than its pyramids. Try taking a dip in the Red Sea. A flight can set you back R5413


Animals and holidays go together

For Starbucks lovers- you want to visit coffee plantations and tasting rooms. A flight can typically cost R5191. And no- you don’t need a tourist visa.


There’s more to Tanzania than housing the highest mountain in Africa. There’s Zanzibar which is essentially paradise. Looking for a more wildlife feel to your trip? Then might as well visit The Serengeti and witness wild cats feast on wildebeests. Flights cost around R3244.



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