South African Slay Queens Trend.

We need an intervention, oh yes, our children are observing and emulating what is being done and it’s gruesome. I was reading a dialogue in which two juveniles were committing to each other, female associates ushering one another on the following vacation, they were on some “sheik’s” appeal. Well, this is all established with images being exchanged.

In the midst of the conversation there as a clear indication that no price was allocated, although the “sheik” produced an endless list of distinctly comprehensive ultimatum and outline audacious terms only a very desperate slay queen would cohere to.

First and Foremost, What is A Slay Queen?

“A slay queen is a woman who wants to choke everyone else with how beautiful and cool they are

Social media and slay queen are “chanda na pete” literally

The slay queens party hard have their make up intact all the time”

Now that we have cleared the above, their purpose in life “slay queens” they are committed to refurbishing us trivial human beings about their breakfast, lunch and dinner whereabouts, usually sets the location of her travels with the unseen bae, she notifies us with paramount treasured moments circulating in her life, such as her contoured nose with expensive make up, sipping MOET, you know…REALLY IMPORTANT STUFF GUYS!

Slay queens, Oh my, twang deeper than any of all the accredited English speakers combined. I mean their utterances are flooded with expressions such as

•    “Wharreva”,

•    “So cute”,

•    “Do I look fat?”,”

•    I’m done with..”

•    and “Oh my gosh”

•    We appreciate the accents, although they uphold necessitous grammar.

I suppose the game is about the physical appearance not your IQ level and these men are satisfied since most of the times their wives usually have the intellectual capacity they require. Their doctrine is simple and basic, only those esteemed to be “flames” can serve their exquisite lifestyle. Her equivalence is too gigantic for “a nobody” penniless brother on the street, regardless of educational background or appearance. Their “Money” is their source, for a slay queen it is everything, and appearance follows.

Well, These so-called queens capture images and update them from the dawn until the lights are out in their booked out presidential suite with king size beds y’all!

Their images are excessively edited with filters to fabricate an exquisite appearance and ideal beauty standards, until you have an encounter with her up-close and personal then it’s a different narrative to comprehend, well not all the Queens though shame, some are actually beautiful, its a pity they had to settle for such a lifestyle.

Honestly, this is a depiction of what slothful young females projecting a low self-regard subject themselves into.

Can someone inform the nation what is transpiring?.

Makeup, looking good always.

In order to be fitted to be a slay queen you are required to have your make up unblemished 24 hours a day, lol, well most of the hours of the day until the mission is complete, catch my drift? A Slay Queen must be alert to the current trends of makeup and accessories, money has to be attracted by all means necessary, sounds like a hectic life if you ask me.

They need to be dedicated followers of all glam pages on YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook and of course self-taught tutorials help to keep up.

The girl you see in town with flowers on her head with that 28 inch Peruvian, a “band” on her neck is definitely a slay queen, lol maybe, who knows??….

We need a wake-up call, Can we as females set an example instead of profiting from trips to Dubai.

What do you think?

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