Best Destinations for Your Honeymoon

If having a perfect wedding is what you always dream of having then a perfect honeymoon destination should be an important part of planning. However that might be harder than it seems. The world is a huge place filled with many amazing places just waiting for you and your significant other to enjoy your newlywed bliss. To help narrow down the search, here are some beautiful places in the world to consider having your honeymoon in.


To cliché? Maybe. However it’s not a list of romantic places unless the place referred to as the “City of Love” is on it. The city is filled with amazing sites and activities for you to try. Enjoy the great architecture and art at the Notre Dame Cathedral or museums like the Louvre as well as food and wine. You can also see the most visited landmark in the world, the Eifel Tower. Be sure to check it out at night where you can see its sparkling lights light up the city.


This Greek island is best known for its breath-taking sites, especially the buildings on the cliff sides along the sea. Immerse yourself in their history, go wine tasting, touring or swimming and at the end of the day, sit back and enjoy their famous Santorini sunset.


If an island paradise is something you prefer, then Kauai is the place to be. Luxury resorts, clear blue skies and clear oceans will set the romantic mood for you and your partner. Swimming, surfing and hiking are available for adventurous couples and after a day of activity, get some rest and relaxation at the islands spa.


Who wouldn’t want to visit the marvel that is the city built on water? Explore the city by taking a romantic stroll or even see it from the top of the tallest building, the Campanile.  Try out the traditional Venetian cuisine and remember, nothing says romance quite like a gondola ride for you and your partner through the Grand Canal.


Another great place in Italy is Florence, birthplace of the Renaissance. A great way for tourists to take it all in is by renting a bicycle and taking a ride through the city, visiting its many tourist spots. It’s also a great destination for art lovers. Florence is also the birth place of gelato, so don’t forget to give it a try while you’re there.

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