The Benefits of Pilates

There are times in life where things tend to get stressful. Maybe it’s work, financial trouble or family issues, stress is unavoidable and is bound to hit at some point. Stress can contribute to various illnesses like diabetes or heart disease. A sure way to help prevent this and lower your stress levels is do delve into the world of Pilates.

Created by Joseph Pilates in the 20th centaury, Pilates is designed to relax the muscles in your body, get rid of any sign of tension while simultaneously challenging you like any good workout can. In fact, weight loss is another perk to doing Pilates.

Pilates doesn’t just help to reduce stress, but has other health benefits as well. The purpose was to concentrate on improving posture. It can help your spine by making it more flexible which can prevent spinal or back injuries. At the same time, Pilates helps to strengthen your core and tones your body without the risk of added bulk.

Doing Pilates increases your blood circulation throughout the whole body, including the brain which gives you more energy and helps the brain function better. When you do Pilates, your mind is entirely focused on the task at hand, thus improving your concentration and state of mind. You get the chance to stop your wandering thoughts, forget your worries and just focus on what you are doing. It can also help you to sleep better as it releases good hormones into the body.

As you can see, Pilates teaches you to just simply live in the moment and forget about everything else. For that one hour or so, you are free from any responsibilities you have. Sounds good right? So why not give it a try.

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