Why do you wake up in the morning?

When you have a transparent understanding of your “Why”, it provides you with a comprehensive way of thinking and helps you make better choices, concerning your loved ones, business and work. This in return gives you a sense of fulfillment; a life of tranquility and serenity.


Why do wake up in the morning and do what you do? This has to do with everyone, regardless of your profession and social standing in life. This could be a mother, business leader, a clergyman OR a teenager. Do you have an understandable sense of direction or are you just taking each day as it comes, going with the flow?

As an entrepreneur when you set up your organization, you need to discuss the “why” of what your business mission statement is about, otherwise, you won’t make it. In order to carry out your targeted goals and deliver what you have set out; it is pivotal for your “why” to be coherent.

The world has no mercy to those that meander with no understanding of their purpose in life. How else do you hope to enjoy what you do when you do not even know why you are doing it? Life can be tedious, monotonous: you wake up, get ready, go to school, go to varsity, go to work; then repeat the whole entire scenario the following day.

Every day you have to go through these emotions; you might be thinking: education is needed to have a job and I need a job for my bills to be paid right? These can stand out as logical reasons for most of us and to an extent they are mandatory, but is that what your world is about? Mediocrity is birthed out of doing something out of necessity than with a burning need.

Think about this; if you are straightforward about why you do everything that you do; will that not produce clarity in your decisions? Your relationships will improve because of the intentions behind them; when they are clearly understood. The career you choose; the business you set up and the community development program you partake in, will be done with a sense of direction. You will be driven by what motivates you. All right, now, the biggest question: Do you want to live such an existence?

I am talking to people that lack a sense of fulfillment in their lives. Do you crave to go to bed fulfilled and satisfied? Let us delve into what concepts to consider for a satisfied life.  What is driving you, a Lamborghini, Ferrari, or a bicycle? What is your motivating force, what turns your engine on? If you have uncovered this principle, you are on the right track, if not, worry not; there is always a chance for transformation as long as you are among the living.

First, define what “success” means to you. I love how Earl Nightingale defines it – “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” Do not conform to any book, article or motivational speaker’s definition of success. There is no universal meaning of success. Others will tell you it is power, beauty, money, influence, a certain position in society, is this true for you?

This is not a one size fits all story, we have the right to define; you have the right to define your own success. Live out your unique purpose, as long as you are fulfilled, who cares about what others think? The reason most of us are stagnant has to do with the universal definition of success.

People are diverse, blessed with each a unique set of fingerprints. Which makes it possible to want different things out of life.  Create a Life – Purpose Statement Take a moment out of your busy schedule to write your mission statement or maybe you can call it a vision statement. Simultaneously, the conception and mission statements should show your purpose.

They navigate while you are walking on your journey, leading you to victory. Describe on paper what is your definition of a healthy working system. What are people doing and what experience’s are they having in your world? Decide what your role in that world will be? Then you will have a plain understanding of what your life will be. Once you have constructed a mission statement, identify what makes your tail wiggle, and complete on the inside.

Contemplate further on the reasons, and compile goals that you will target on a daily base to draw tighter to your “Why”. When I read a book by Stephen. R. Covey on the 7 – Habits of Highly Effective People; on habit 2: Begin with the end in mind, he helps to put matters into perspective. What is habit 2 trying to convey? It is identified with a mental image – the capacity to picture in your perceiving what has not yet manifested.

It is stepping by faith, believing that it has happened before you can have what you want; see it in your mind first and support it. You have to create it mentally; believe that is how things are done. Mentally created before the physical manifestation. This is compared to building a house; a blueprint is required before the construction can take place. When you don’t take a moment to visualise your life, the somewhat person you want to be and the objects you want to carry out; how then do you plan to get to your desired end?

When you are not deliberate concerning the decisions in your life, others will make a plan for you and you will end up living by default. Take a look around you, what are you doing and how can what you are doing be used to push yourself towards your vision? MMmmhh… If you have not started asking questions, question yourself; am I getting warmer where I want to be in life?

Do not sabotage yourself any further, no man is promised tomorrow, reach hold of today. Of course, we still call to be pragmatic and adaptable, people evolve, you need to be prepared to alter things as you progress. Your sense of success might be different a year from now, don’t be rigid, but welcome innovation, always find what triggers your X-factor.

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