Supporting the Real Superheroes in the Durban Colour Run

If you’re a fan of physical activity, giving to others in need and having a good time, then Durban is the place to be this October. In what is promised to be the Happiest 5km on the planet, the Colour Run makes its return.

Founded in March 2011, the Colour Run is dedicated to bringing the people of the community together while simultaneously promoting health and fitness. Since its conception, it has become widely popular and host events in over 200 cities every year.

The Colour Run allows you to run 5k with your friends and family, enjoying each other’s company, getting your daily workout in and being covered in different colours while doing it. After the run you can enjoy their Finish Festival, an epic party filled with music and the chance to have fun with your companions in a pseudo snowball fight, only instead of snowballs, you have colour balls which is much cooler.

If that’s not enough to convince you, The Colour Run is involved with different charities, raising R500, 000 last year to help education initiatives. This year, the event will raise funds for charities with great causes, celebrating the real superheroes as is this year’s theme.

Get your tickets at, go for a run, join in on the fun and support the real superheroes.

Image Source: Instagram

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