How to choose what to wear

With so many options to pick from, choosing a colour to wear can be difficult. Oftentimes, the choice can be further complicated by the event you’re dressing for. Make the process of choosing a colour easier by choosing colours that complement your skin’s natural tones, and using colour to express your mood.

1. Skin tone

Take a look at the colour of the most prominent veins in your wrist. If your veins look purple or blue, you have cool skin. If they look greenish, you have warm skin .If you can’t determine the colour of your veins where blue and green are both represented, you probably have a neutral skin tone. This means you look great in most colours!

If you have cool toned skin your most flattering colours are rose, emerald, deep purple, and ice blue. Wear cool grey, white, and navy for neutrals. Avoid orange and yellow, which will clash with your skin. Colours like honey, coral, olive, and cream flatter warm-toned skin. For neutrals, stick with taupe, mushroom-grey, and cappuccino. Avoid cool blues or jewel tones.

Match your clothes to your eye shade to make them pop. Choosing clothes that are close to your eyes will help make the colour pop even more. You can also use this trick for finding the shade of black that will best flatter your skin tone. Try to match any black clothing to the black rim around your iris. This works great when it comes to layering shirts, jackets, and dresses.

2. Pick a colour that matches your mood

Wear blue if you’re feeling calm and confident.

Blue conveys a sense of peace and positivity, and is thought to promote creativity and independence. If you’re feeling centred and positive, spread it to the people around you by wearing this colour. Alternatively, if you are feeling stressed or anxious, consider putting on something blue. This may help you feel calmer.

Wear red if you want to feel strong and empowered.

Red conveys assertiveness, courage, and passion, particularly in business settings. If you want to persuade or impress someone, red is a perfect choice. Wear it as a bold statement piece, such as a red jacket, shirt, or a dress. Consider different shades of red. If a bright shade of red doesn’t suit you, try a darker shade instead.

Show a carefree, relaxed mood by wearing pastels.

Pastel colours such as mint, pink, and lavender have a friendly and relaxing effect. Put together a breezy outfit by including clothing items in these light, summery colours. Wear these colours on weekends, vacation, or any other relaxing time.

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