Boity, becomes a rapper

Who could have thought Boity was a rapper? This dates back to her interview with Slikour On Life, she has an independent recollection sharing the same space with the likes of Khuli Chana throughout a fight circa 2014.

She states she was rapping along – “I was rapping along to, I believe, a Jay-Z song, and I remember Khuli being like, ‘we should do a song together,’ but I didn’t take it seriously, because I was like yeah, whatever,”  – this was stated during the interview.

Love for Hip-hop has been part of her life’s passion, she was waiting for the courage and the right time. We are happy, she followed her passion and keep pushing.

[“It’s been years. Everyone who is close to me knows that this is something that’s always been there. It’s not something that I would venture into, but the love and the passion for it has always been there. But the opportunity came about, and I guess the universe listened to my silent dreams, and I was presented with the opportunity.”]

The beautiful part concerning the collaboration with Nasty C; she says, Nasty C, pushed and motivated her to drop the single. The world would be a better place if we encouraged each other to be the best that God created us to be.

[“Nasty was like, ‘look you’ve got the talent, I’ve got a couple of songs for you, let’s do it.’ After he said it, I called him three weeks later, I was like, ‘were you being serious?’ And he was like, ‘I do not play with music, I wouldn’t risk that. So I want you to come into the studio, and let’s do it.”]

Well, it happened, and its happening. She said she accepted the invite and welcomed direction and navigation. The good news is the Hip-Hop community, to be particular the women seem to be welcoming to her new venture in the rapping game. She dropped names such as Gigi Lamayne, Nadia Nakai and Rouge. Even our old G – Slikour is impressed with her technical skills and not missing the beat when delivering her lines.

It’s amazing how this collaboration began as a spontaneous act on club 808 when Nasty C was there performing. Everyone thought they were just having fun, but look at what that has produced.  It has produced a hit people!

They debuted the song “Whuz Dat – on Metro Fm, it was quite a surprise to everyone’s ear to hear our princess rap. And the other rappers have already talked on a collaboration when she has settled in and ready to play more of the game.

[“Gigi was one of the first people to DM me, she was like: “Yo man, I’m so proud of you, taking this step and whenever you’re ready to do a collabo or a feature or whatever, I am on there,“ Gigi is fantastic,”]  – she stated.

Even our young Mabree – Nomuzi Mabhena is on her team. “Nomuzi as well, as much as she hadn’t heard the song yet she was like: People have been so positive, I’m rooting for you… “Boity mentioned.

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