Sophie Ndaba’s ICU Rumours?

Sophie Ndaba has become a controversy, following weeks of an anxiety-ridden atmosphere, the star has become strong minded and resorted to sharing a video on Instagram to squeeze the death hearsay concerning her from fans and the public.

This began two weeks back after her image was circulating on the Twitter trend list, thereafter the tittle-tattle spread of her death. It keeps on getting better; prior to her alleged death, she was body shamed for her weight loss. I mean how much more can one-person deal?

Although through her Instagram video she did not disappoint; Sophie was on point, her bundles of hair were flowing with ease, her makeup could not look any better. Which served as evidence to her healthy, much alive self; so this confirms she is not dead, she is still kicking people.

“Living with Diabetes is not a death sentence. I’m living a fabulous life,” she said.

When the rumours surfaced, Sophie trended on Twitter; fans overloaded the platform with questions filled with concerns, confusion in a search to affirm the credibility of the rumours. Now, apparently, someone mentioned the Television show – Expresso to be the one that announced the news to the public, although the show refuted the claims with haste. No transparent sign to who or how the rumours were ignited.

“These past few weeks I’ve been trending and trending and trending. It’s quite boring because I am not dead, I am not in ICU and I am not a zombie.”

She still had the courtesy to show gratitude by thanking her fans that are showing support; she addressed the negative individuals as well and advised them to focus on better things than feeding on the downfall of others.

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