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When it comes to the world of Aesthetic Medicine, powerhouse duo Dr. Fatima Bhabha and Dr. Zahida Bhabha are on top of their game. 

There’s no wonder some of South Africa’s top celebrity personalities, such as Dineo Moeketsi, DJ Zinhle and Candice Abrahams trust them with their Aesthetic needs!

You hear the words botox and lip fillers, and you immediately associate it with the TV shows like “Botched”. Dr. Fatima Bhabha, an expert in this field, sets the record straight and tackles these negative connotations.

“I think the biggest misconseptions about Botox occur because people are not educated, they do not have the correct information or knowledge and immediately associate it with celebs that have become “frozen” which is not the case in most botox patients.” Dr. Fatima Bhabha says. 

BOTOX is a prescription medicine that is injected into the facial muscles to reduce and smooth out frown lines and wrinkles. 

2. It works by preventing the muscles from contracting, hence diminishing undesirable facial wrinkles. 

3. BOTOX is also used for improving the facial contour such as relaxing the muscles of the jaw and giving the face a natural V-shape jawline.

4. At Beauty and Curves the procedure is performed by certified Doctors only. This procedure is invasive, yet safe and comfortable. 

5. The treatment involves the injection of a purified protein into specific muscles with a very fine needle, which effectively and safely blocks nerve impulses responsible for wrinkles caused by frowning and smiling. 

6. After three to five days contraction of muscles is reduced, and lines and wrinkles appear less severe. 

7. BOTOX results are temporary, and will usually last around 3-6 months, before the treatment would need to be repeated.

8. With regular and prolonged usage, muscles are ‘trained’ to contract less and over time the treated areas will require less frequent Botox injections for a more youthful yet natural appearance.

9. BOTOX is not limited to the face. Many individuals opted for getting Botox under their arms to prevent sweating.

10. BOTOX is measured per unit, and it depends on which area you are focusing on in order to determine the amount of units needed. Beauty and Curves charges per unit.

The Nicol Road Medical Center is home to Beauty and Curves. The center is owned and managed by the Bhabha doctors, offering patients a one-stop stop for all your health and wellness needs.

For more information visit:

Bookings: 011 028 7000 

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