The Incredibles 2 Makes A Super Debut

After 14 long years  the hit Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles, finally gets its much anticipated sequel that saw everyone’s favourite superhero family suit up and take centre stage once again on the big screen. While it was an agonizingly long wait, it was definitely worth it as The Incredibles 2 knocked it out of the park and makes you wonder why they took so long in the first place.

Warning: Spoilers ahead

After saving the world (or just the city) from a giant robot bent on causing destruction, the Incredible family have accepted their roles as superheroes. However, after a messy battle with a villain that left quite a bit of destruction in its wake, the government has decided that supers do more harm than good and remain illegal. After being approached by a mysterious super fanatic who wishes for nothing more than to see  supers reintegrated into society as protectors, Elastigirl agrees to become the advocate for supers while Mr incredible has to become a stay at home dad. Elastigirl has no trouble getting back into the superhero gig, but Mr Incredible isn’t adjusting so well to home life. He must deal with his teenage daughter having bot troubles because of him, helping another with his homework (apparently they changed math) and if that wasn’t enough he also has to deal with his baby getting more superpowers than even Superman. When a new villain known as Screen Slaver shows up, the family must come together once more and show people that the world does need superpowers.  

The Incredibles 2 is a mixture of humour and family fun that can be enjoyed by all ages. It also showcases great themes of feminism with Elastigirl stealing every scene she’s in, kicking but and taking names. Watching this movie is highly recommended.

Image Source:  Instagram

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