Looking Flawless In The Cold

samkelo ndlovu

With changing seasons, come changing beauty regiments. Winter has officially settled in and all remnants of summer have disappeared. With this change, skin tends to become drier and the enthusiasm that is applied to summer beauty regiments is rarely applied to the winter ones. Below are beauty tips that will ensure that one is on top of their beauty regiments come heat, rain or snow.

Let’s Keep Shower Hour To Less Of An Hour.

The one comfort to waking up early in winter is the promise of a hot shower. However, don’t get too comfortable. Those long hot showers can strip the body of essential moistures and this can lead to dry skin and irritation which in turn can lead to skin diseases such as eczema. Therefore keeping the water temperature lukewarm and having the  shower last to 5-10 minutes is the best thing for ones skin.

It May Not Feel Like It, But It Is Still There. Just because the season is winter, doesn’t mean the sun is any less of a threat. UV rays still exist no matter the season so be sure to invest in sunscreen, regardless of one’s skin tone.

Say No To Dry Lips.  Having dry lips is a common occurrence however the risks are higher in winter. Ensure that one buys the proper lip balm or lipstick that will keep their lips not only looking great, like Samkelo Ndlovu’s, but also moisturized.

Love My Winter ‘Do. With the harsher climate, hair needs extra maintenance in winter. Natural oils such as castor oil keep it moisturized in the cold climate. Also, avoid going out with wet hair as this can cause breakage. Lastly, be cautious of the amount of heat applied to one’s locs and always remember to moisturize after doing so.

Remember: Water Is Life 24/7-365. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean one’s water intake needs to take a back seat. The body needs water no matter the season and a better hydrated body means healthier looking skin and that means looking flawless all year round.

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