Bontle Modiselle apologizes for ‘engagement’ and ‘wedding’ misunderstanding.

Club 808 host Bontle Modiselle and her rapper boyfriend Priddy Ugly caused stir throughout the country when they posted pictures of what looked like an engagement on social media. The pair who has been dating for more than a decade continued to post ‘white and traditional wedding ‘pictures on their respective accounts.

Fans and other celebrities congratulated the pair on their engagement until she confessed on an interview with ThsiaLive that the engagement was a “con’. Bontle admits that the engagement was meant for LaSauce’s music video, who shares a record label with ugly. “Everything that we posted were all images leading up to the video, we just hadn’t announced that yet” said Modiselle.In the song titled ‘I Do’ the pair plays a couple that gets engaged in a restaurant and things proceed over to the weddings.

Bontle then shared an image on Instagram with a long paragraph explaining the whole predicament. In the message she repeatedly apologizes for the misunderstanding and reassures the fans that she and Priddy Ugly are still dating.

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