5 power foods pregnant women should be indulging in.

Are you pregnant and only want whats best for your little one? Well, taking care of your little one growing inside you begins with eating healthy and nutritious food. Here are some of the super foods you must consider eating during your gestation period.


Rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber is oats. It is easy to prepare and it doesn’t take too much of one’s time either. Have this meal as breakfast or rather buy oat bars and have them as a snack anywhere and anytime.


Avocados are reported to be rich in plant-based saturated fats. This makes them very good for brain development which is what every mom-to-be wants for their little one.Use them as a spread on bread instead of butter or blend them with other edible fruit for a healthy punchy smoothie.


An easy to find product that is rich in Vitamin A, Protein, and iron. Next time you go grocery shopping, make sure you include eggs in your shopping list.One thing to love about eggs is that they are versatile and you can have them with almost anything. Fry, poach or boil them and include them in your meals.

Green leafy vegetables

Be sure to eat up a lot of green vegetables like cabbage, lettuce, and spinach. They are extremely rich in Potassium, Calcium, and Iron. Pregnant women tend to have indigestion problems and spinach is known to help aid it. Enjoy these delicious vegetables raw, cooked, fried or even steamed.

Lean meat and Fish

Pregnant women need the double intake of iron and it is mostly found in lean meat and fish. The body needs just the adequate amount of iron to absorb it, and the intake of caffeine at this point should be reduced drastically.

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