Take care of your skin this summer.

We wear our skin and, usually, we want to do it with pride and dignity. Your skin is not only your protective shell or a tool you used to touch or an ageing dictator. These things play a vital role, but also your skin is an important vessel, this means you need to take care better care of your skin. Summer has arrived and the UV levels can damage exposed skin. It may feel amazing; out and about in the sun, but the effects of sun exposure may not agree with you in the long run.

Some stats; (American Academy of Dermatology – ADD) Approximately one in five Americans will grow some skin cancer during their lives. Those are not good statistics if you ask me, hence we have to be cautious in how we care for our skin.

Make small changes

Everything must begin gradually, you need originally prepare yourself before the winter ends. Replace some of your skin care products as you approach summer. It’s already summer, so let us work with what we have.

It may happen, you are using soft cream cleansers that are gentle to the skin with hydrating moisturizers on your skin to prevent the dry, parched weather. Although, now since summer, alternate to lighter moisturizers and some foam cleansers to cater for the heat.

Face care

What is important is what you have on the inside, but do not neglect your face, people first recognise you with your facet right?  Every day, you are responsible to take better care of your skin. Especially during summer. Have a skincare regimen that promotes healthy skin.

Make sure it hydrates your skin and keeps it polished. Be careful of your hands constantly touching your face, beware of dust and sweat exposed to your skin. Pimples and break out, and eczema is a pandemic that destroys the confidence in most cases and especially during summer.

If it happens this dilemma affects you, seek medical help but wash your face throughout the day 2 – 3 times a day. Sometimes using a face wash or scented soap can cause us problems, even clean, pure water works.

 I read an article and Dr Deepali recommended exfoliation as one of the ways to keep your face clean.

“Utilising a scrub once or twice a week in summers for all skin types is important, but, which scrub depends on your skin type. Acne prone skin needs Multani mitti (fullers earth), Chandan, rose water and basil whereas if you have dry and matured skin you should use egg white, lemon, Chandan and curd with a pinch of turmeric and besan too” –  states Dr Deepali.

Sun protection, sun protection, sun


This cannot be stressed enough, sun protection is essential throughout the year. It has been stated by research; even though during winter the UVB rays are frail but the skin ageing Uva rays does not differ throughout the seasons.

[“My recommendation is to wear an SPF30-50 to slow down the ageing process and keep your skin in optimal condition long-term. Although, should you have down-graded your SPF (or even worse, not used one) in the winter, then now is certainly the time to go back to daily SPF – no excuses.”]

Avoid burning at all costs

Do not expose yourself to the sun necessarily. I direct this to all skin types, be cautious of your so-called “sun tanning.” If you do not monitor your skin by protecting it then you will suffer the consequences.

Your dress code is essential in summer, wear your hat; the rays are harmful and they can reach your scalp and your beautiful, handsome ears. Make sure you go for the hats with broad brims because they cover much more compared to using a cap.   

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