What is passive smoking?

Second hand smoking is also called environmental tobacco smoke. It is a mixture of two forms of smoke that come from burning tobacco, namely: Mainstream smoke, this smoke is exhaled by the smoker, and side stream smoke- this smoke comes from the lighted end of the cigarette or tobacco burning in a hookah.

When non-smokers are exposed to second hand smoking, it is called involuntary or passive smoking. The more these non-smokers breathe the nicotine and toxic chemicals from the smoke, the higher the levels of these harmful chemicals enter their body. Everyone can be exposed to passive smoking in public areas where smoking is allowed, such as some restaurants, shopping centres and parks.

Why is passive smoking a problem?

Causes Cancer i.e. Larynx (Voice Box); Pharynx (throat); Nasal sinuses; Brain and bladder to mention a few.

Second hand smoking can also harm your children:

Young Children are most affected by passive smoking and are unable to avoid it, most of their exposure comes from adults smoking at home. Passive smoking can also trigger asthma attacks and even cause new cases of asthma in kids who did not have symptoms before. In very young children, passive smoking increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Second hand smoking cannot be controlled with ventilation, air cleaning or by separating smokers from non-smokers. If you are a smoker rather opt for making your home and car smoke free. This is the safest thing to do for your children, other family members and guests.

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