Oral care for baby

Any woman who has been pregnant can attest to the fact that you cannot know everything like just how much your mouth will go through when you are pregnant. In addition to the fact that what mom eats also affects her baby, pregnancy often makes some women’s teeth more sensitive to what they eat and drink. The baby’s primary teeth begin forming at 6 weeks in the womb, and they later start mineralizing at 3 – 4months of pregnancy. Moms should therefore consult their GP’s or gynaecologists about the foods, supplements and nutrients they need.

New moms also know how complicated breast-feeding can be, especially as their babies get older. There are alot of considerations to make; from the first feed right after your babyis born until the day you decide to stop breastfeeding all together.

Dental health is by picking the right soothers and bottles for him. However, it is important to note thatfingers, thumbs, bottles, and other objects used instead of soothers maycause deformations such as open bites, overbites, bruxism (clenching), mouth breathing, lip biting and more. Additionally, using the teat of a bottleas a dummy can cause tooth decay, as the liquid in the bottle is often sweet. Even if it is just milk, because milk often contains lactose (whichis a form of sugar).

Moms should also pay close attention to bottles that claim to have slow, medium or fast flows as breasts do not have flow rates. Rather choose bottles with a teat that is designed for different types of liquids(breastmilk, formula, or thicker feeds). These ensure that baby still exercisesthe oral muscles as they would on the breast.

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