HHP dies, the dangers of depression.


We have lost yet another artist and Mzansi mourns the passing of our Hip-hop legend (HHP.)

One thing for sure; his death reveals the dangers of depression in our country. Many are the speculations circulating his death. Although one thing is for sure, he was experiencing depression; they said it to be years of depression, he was battling and finally, it ended his life.

HHP’s real name Jabulani Tsambo has left us in shock; one of his hip-hop artist friend Slikour says there is not enough information circulating around about the effects of depression. He reckons our country and communities need to be told concerning the dangers of this disease.

“I don’t know how we can start teaching ourselves to deal with it, people who live with it and what advice we give them.”  – Slikour

Fellow South African’s, continue sending their condolences after the death of the legend; the respected,  the honoured by most in our country – HHP is indeed a legend in the music business even in his death.

The platform of social media helps fanatics show love in such cases; many have been paying their respects to the fallen star – Jabulani Tsambo. Even our beloved Cassper Nyovest has joined,  highlighting his disbelief of the matter. One thing that stands out to most people is his sense of humour.

“ He’ll be remembered for being himself. He’ll be remembered for humour as well, he was one for the funniest people you can ever be around. Obviously, he’ll be remembered for his rhymes, for his flow. He was larger than life.” – DJ Cleo also sated his recollection of the legend.

This has evoked the concern that depression has on people. We need to be alert to the dangers depression poses on people from the early stages. When you have the thoughts of death, wishing to kill yourself to end your misery, it heads you to depression.

You need to talk to someone or find professional help. Killing yourself cannot be the only solution, there are other ways we can deal with depression. Life can get difficult, but we have the power to overcome, we need to stand strong and never give up in life.

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