Let’s talk denims.

Ditch your boring pair of jeans for some new, upgraded ones. I like changing my look and trying out new styles. Usually, amongst these changes, it’s my pair of jeans that remain the same. We all have that one pair of jeans that we could just live in forever. Mine is my high waisted, black skinnies . And while there’s nothing wrong with loving a good pair of jeans, there’s too many different styles out there to not change it up a bit. You’ll be surprised by how a pair of jeans can transform an outfit. Here’s a few trendy denims that we love.

Lace-up jeans. If you had told me 2 years ago that lace-up jeans would be a thing, I wouldn’t have believed you. This was something only worn on runways but it slowly became wearable streetwear, not to mention stylish as well. These jeans can very easily be called a statement piece, edging up a very simple look. This style even allows the darers to show some skin.

Mom jeans. A lot of people love vintage style, some go full on vintage and some just like playing with a single piece. Mom jeans can be described as high waisted, washed out, baggy jeans. It’s definitely popular in the vintage world. This vintage item is so popular that the style is being sold in clothing retail stores again. It may be called mom jeans but these jeans adds edge and even an element of sexiness to an outfit if styled correctly.

Frayed jeans. This is a fairly new trend where the bottom of the jeans looks undone. The fray can vary from a very subtle to a very exaggerated fray. This torn hem takes on a variety of styles like flared, cropped, straight cut, skinny and even slit denims. Don’t be afraid to wear your best pair of booties with a pair of frayed jeans this winter as this frayed hem highlights and brings attention to your shoes.

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