5 Bold, Beautiful Colors And What They Say About You

The colors we wear on our bodies can send out a very powerful psychological message to the world around us. Color psychology is a science that has been receiving a lot of attention in recent times, with experts saying the colors you wear can have a significant influence of first impressions. So with that in mind, let’s look at some bold and beautiful colors and what they say about you.

  • Royal Blue

This is absolutely my favourite color!

Royal Blue says you are regal, elegant and unique. As its name suggests- this was the color associated with Royalty in centuries gone by.  It looks equally amazing on men and women, and will have you feeling like a true Noble. A Royal Blue jacket adds a vibrant and bold look to an outfit. A Royal blue shirt paired with a pair of pink pants says sophistication as well as playfulness, and Royal Blue combined with Yellow will say Elegance and Vitality.

Here is Kim K, doing it best in a beautiful Royal Blue Dress:

Goes well with: Black, White, Burgundy, Yellow, Pink, Orange.

  • Purple

Another royal and magical color- purple is powerful and will definitely have you standing out against the crowd. Purple is traditionally associated with royalty, status and luxury as well as with art and creativity. Wear it to send out a message that you are a strong and powerful individual who appreciates the finer things in life.

Katy Perry dazzling in a purple dress:

Goes with: White, Yellow, Gold, Blue, Orange.

  • Orange

Apparently orange is the new black. And I can see why. It is beautiful and vibrant and represents sensuality, adventure and happiness. You will get many smiles as you walk by, and even wearing a splash of orange to a job interview will give off an air of enthusiasm and success. Orange has long been associated with optimism and energy, and thus has been a popular color in sports around the world. Orange is also a popular color for sports cars owing to its association with vitality.

Selena Gomez looks positively beautiful in a vibrant orange dress:

Goes well with: Black, White, Grey, Blue, Purple, Yellow

  • Burgundy

The color of fine red wine! Burgundy exudes elegance and class and makes an outfit that much more sophisticated. It will tell people that you are smart, stylish and aiming for success.

Jessica Alba dazzling in a stunning Burgundy dress:

Ryan Gosling in a deep Burgundy Suit (yummy!):

Goes well with: White, Grey, Blue (especially a bright Royal Blue), Pink, Brown, Yellow

  • Emerald Green

Deep, vibrant greens are all about refreshment, energy and sociability. Like the leaves returning to a tree after a long winter, green is a lively color that will make people think happy thoughts of summer and fresh air. People will be drawn to you and will feel lively and happy around you. Wearing green also shows that you are loyal, reliable and in touch with nature and the world around you.

Blake Lively does Emerald Right:


Goes well with: White, Light Blue, Red, Pink, Peach, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Brown

Don’t be afraid to rock a vibrant color and send a powerful message out to the world around you. As they say, a picture is worth 1000 words- and your sense of dress is the picture that you are presenting to the world, Make it a bold and beautiful one.

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