Winter trends

I love winter. Not only because of bed, movies and soup but also because of the ability this season gives you to experiment with clothes. Today we’re looking at some of the trends that this season has brought us.

Fur coats. Fur coats isn’t a new thing but this year the trend has elevated. Coats in different lengths from midi to knee-length to three-quarter and even waist coats. Bold and bright coloured fur coats have also made their way from the boring black and brown coloured coats. Not only will this trend make you stand out from the crowd but it will definitely keep you warm too.

Shiny boots. Get your shine from the patent leather or the metallic leather material boots. You can even get that glitter shine directly with a pair of glitter booties of course. Wherever the shine originates from, it’s bound to make a statement.

Statement sleeves. Exaggerated sleeves are everywhere and you can get them in any style you want. Making their way over from summer to this season, they now come in knits, sweaters and also coats. An overly long sleeved knit or shirt can also be worn under jackets or sweatshirts. You can always trust a statement sleeve to spice up your look.

Side-stripe/lace-up pants. Side-stripe pants have been making their way into our hearts. From sweatpants to jeans, these striped pants can be dressed up with heels or it can be worn with sneakers for a more casual look. The trend has also evolved and side lace-up pants is also now a thing. I can’t wait to see what they do with the side of our pants next.

Oversized sweatshirts. This trend is often seen worn with thigh-high boots, with fishnet stockings, a pair of jeans maybe or just the sweatpants that go with it. This trend, just like the side-stripe pants, can also be styled for a casual look or it can be dressed up for a fancier look.

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