Celeb Tips on how to dress this Winter.

When the temperature decreases, the breeze gale, the temperature hurtles and then the blankets, grandpa cardigan are taken out of the trunks, we scout for our old tracksuit bottoms and the ancient devoted trench coat to keep us snuggled throughout winter.

Now, the aim is to look fabulous and warm at the same time and the ladies of Hollywood manage to wrap-up and stay warm and stylish at the same time.

In 2018 there are assorted powerful trends out of the norm in the midst of the celebrity entourage they are able to assist us in how we cover up this winter.

Rachel Bilson

We must admit there’s no easy way to appear fashionable while combating despotic winter winds, particularly if you’re built as dainty as Rachel Bilson. She has a tendency of stacking all her layers towards a high position and broadcasting off her tiny legs in all tight jeans and giant’ boots, she signifies the compact parts of her physic and of course sustaining her self to warmth this winter. The so sophisticated floppy hat has been trending and still is, and is a special substitute for a terrible hair day! She brings life by attaching another shade and texture along her printed scarf; it illuminates her attire to appear extra comfortable and appends a certain “je ne sais quoi”.

Blake Lively

She is known for her lavish, stylish look on our absolute series Gossip Girl), Blake displays off an astounding fashionable way to appear and feel warm this winter. She prefers belting her coat to highlight the trimmed waist. It instantly makes her slimmer down and you cannot resist but pay attention to the coat. In addition, a striking bag in animal print, puts a sprinkle of magic to her glam look, it becomes fascinating, and her polished updo and earrings elevate the minor details, which of course create a look so sophisticated and stylish.

Apparently, animal prints are a movement that seems to be consistent yearly.

In the past, the connotation was not appealing, associated with those of less class; tiger stripes, reptile scales and leopard print if worn in accordance have the power to create a powerful, intimidating yet sophisticated look.

We all know the fanatics of such looks, Kourtney Kardashian, who always appears on her family show and outside on the streets wearing a leopard print jacket and with corresponding Prada pumps. We cannot forget Paris Hilton who is a huge lover wearing either her gorgeous fur coat, bag, shades the list is endless.  

Our Cat woman Halle Berry has been known for her roles wearing leather and lately appears a lot in some leather, maybe it’s  her motorcycle significant other Olivier Martinez, let us not forget Kim Kardashian West, she never travels forgetting her absolute black leather thigh-high boots, forgetting not supermodel Elle MacPherson, only she could dress herself in some  sexy leather trousers when she is out and about.

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