5 simple steps to beautifully defined eyebrows.

Do you wish to have beautifully defined brows? Well, look no further as we will take you through 5 simple steps to fleeky brows. 

Here is a list of things you will need to use

– Eyebrow pencil.

– Concealer

-Concealer brush

-Old mascara wand-brush.

Step 1.

Gently flatten and brush your eyebrows with an old mascara wand-brush. Brush them until they are evenly flat on both sides.

Step 2.

Take your eyeliner and outline the outer part of your eyebrow, starting from the top corner of your eyes and go all the way to the end of your eyebrow.Repeat this on the other brow as well.

Step 3.

Shade in the rest of your eyebrows. Work from the corner as previously stated and continue all the way to end of your brow.

Step 4

Take your concealer brush and dab a bit of your concealer and smear it over the edges of your eyebrows. Do this on both sides and blend the concealer to correct your brows. 


Blend the concealer until it is firm and your eyebrows are smudge-free.

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