Travelling To The Safari, Who Goes There??!!


We have heard about the African travel to the multitudinous Safari sites. We have read, heard and fortunate individuals have had the privilege of experiencing the exquisiteness of the Safari, but what do we really know about the Safari? Others have been infiltrated with the ideology of the “no civilization”, open plains with wild animals roaming around. Or the timely morning [game – drives] with the objective to be intrigued by the evasive  African cats. We utilize palatial tents when we vacate, give on to grasslands, vast areas and the big 5 ( African Lion, African Elephant, Cape buffalo, African Buffalo, and rhinoceros.) Honestly is there anything that paints our continent more beautiful like the Safari experience?We travel for various reasons. When we travel we attain time to contemplate, perceive and grasp the authenticity of our cultural roots or those of others, its prominent creation and history.  When we travelling to parts of Africa and tour to the varied Safari landscapes, we get the opportunity to delve into the state of introversion as individuals.

“Brad Pitt – in the Eastern Cape of South Africa boasts a rave review from Brad Pitt: “The people are as fantastic as the animals majestic. Enjoyed the food chain – Many thanks.” The queen Ophrah Winfrey (Sengereti Plains in Africa), Rihanna graced our beautiful continent as well,  in Johannesburg in the longleaf safari park. Justine Timberlake and Jessica Biel (Tanzania, Singita Grumeti reserve in the Serengeti Park. ) just to name a few.

We reside in a continent that has been fused with diversity, with beautiful cultures merging in conjunction that is seldom to encounter around the world. Our country South Africa, which is part of our beautiful continent, captures diversity beautifully in our eleven (11) numerous languages and culture represented. Our beautiful mother land, the best (continent/country) outshines as a terminus place, it provides one with the wilderness sensation, A rejuvenating perspective of nature of Africa’s pristine outback, from Kruger, Sabi Sand, Madikwe to Phinda and Shamwari. Our continent Africa – country South Africa presents conspicuous topography.

We need to be aware of our own surrounding, be rooted with the beauty of our continent and what the country represents. We have learnt that Africa has astounding amplitudes of fauna found anywhere else in the world. Although, with numerous traveller’s attempting to attain the absolute image, they make means of getting up close and personal with wild animals, When you’re in the midst of African’s you bound to witness something utterly out of the typical promptly or behind hand.

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