Everything the fitness-conscious female need to develop her best body.

Khabonina Qubeka

This yoga fanatic, dancer and actress has got fitness DVD which is called kha’ bodacious Dance fitness. It shows people how they can use their homes as a gym without joining a gym. It guide how to exercise using chairs, couches and floors to get better bodies. When she was interviewed on etv she said her secret to getting fit, staying in shape and eating healthy is usually “being aware”. “I’m very active and I start my day right. When I wake up I go for a swim or do a couple of workouts in the house.”

Below are her fitness tips

*Do something that you love and enjoy

*Be your own cheerleader

*Wear something comfortable to workout in


How she made the change

The South African actress and model first saw that her clothes were not fitting her as well as they used to and she needed a change. She decided to cut down on red meat, dairy, carbs, sugar and quit takeaways.

Her fit Day

5am: wake Up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon

6am: Breakfast, have two boiled eggs

8am: Snack, banana

10am: Snack, dried fruit

1pm: Lunch, grilled fish/ chicken with salad or veggie stir- fry

2pm: Snack, homemade popcorn or cranberries

4pm: Snack, handful of macadamias “ Nuts are great for curbing cravings”

6pm: Exercise, one hour Pilates class. “ if you hate the treadmill, take a class. Spinning and Pilates are great for toning muscles

7pm: Exercise, one hour personal trainer

8pm: Supper, veggie stir-fry with couscous. “ couscous is a better starch”.

10pm: Bedtime

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