5 Reasons to Jog

Jog. A word hated by most of us. We’re all familiar with the excuses. ‘It’s too cold’, ‘It’s too hot’,‘I don’t have the time’, ‘I don’t have the energy’. We know it’s good for us but we often choose to just not do it. Apart from being very important it is very beneficial as well. Jogging can be very hard but it can also be very fun. So, in the future, when you want to make excuses again, remind yourself of these 5 reasons to jog.

1. It makes you more fit.

Jogging improves your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles. It develops a strong heart and lungs and improves your breathing technique. When you run every day, your body adapts and use oxygen more efficiently, which can lower your resting heart rate. It’s been proven that a running routine can even make you live longer.

2. It’s a stress reliever.

Stress can affect your brain, heart, lungs and immune system negatively. Psychologically, running gives you time to be alone and deal with your problems but while exercising, the body also produces endorphins. A chemical in the brain that act as painkillers. This reduces your stress and ultimately, helps you improve your attitude.

3. It helps you lose weight.

Jogging burns more calories than almost all other forms of cardio exercise. If you want to jog to help you lose weight, combine it with a calorie-controlled diet. You need to burn more calories than you consumed so you’ll need to watch what you eat and have a more personalized workout plan.

4. Reduces the risk to health diseases.

Most experts agree that regular exercise reduces the risk of a few type of cancers. So becoming a regular runner may help you cancer-proof your life. Since running plays such a huge role in improving oxygen levels and transport, it comes as no surprise that running reduces your risk of heart diseases. The effects of jogging against diabetes has also been proven. Being fit improves your muscles’ sensitivity to insulin, which means your body clears sugars from your bloodstream more efficiently.

5. It won’t cost a thing.

Everyone knows how to run. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and you’re ready to go. Many people want to lose weight or get fit and depend on pills and machines to help them when the easiest and cheapest thing to do is to take a jog.

All it takes is determination and to start jogging and to make it part of your routine. Even if it’s only for a few days a week at a very slow pace, it is still better than doing no exercise at all. When you start reaping the benefits, you won’t be sorry.

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