Who Are They Really?? Unmasking Some Of Our Favorite Game of Thrones Celebs

Game of Thrones is by far one of the most, if not the most, popular shows currently on air. We love the drama, the adventure, and the watching the lives of our favorite characters evolve. We have grown rather close to these characters from a GoT standpoint, but let’s look at who they really are when the cameras have been turned off.

Sophie Turner

We know her as: Sansa Stark, survivor of Joffrey, Lady of Winterfell

But who is she really?? Some fun facts:

Believe it or not, British actress Sophie Turner has actually been acting since she was 3 years old, having been a member of Playbox Theatre Company. As well as her profound skills in acting, Sophie also enjoys the occasional rap, and a video of her rapping Eminem’s “Real Slim Shady” at her 21st birthday party went viral, and it is quite impressive: is also besties with her co-star Maisie Williams who plays her sister Arya Stark on the show, and the 2 of them have been involved in many antics together behind the scenes. The most recent of which involved terrifying the living day lights out of fans in a Game of Thrones pop-up set, after a session of Car Pool Karaoke, of course. On another note- her natural hair color is actually not the signature red that we are so familiar with- but blonde. Sophie dyes her hair to portray her character of Sansa Stark on the show.

Maisie Williams

We know her as: Arya Stark, Lone Wolf, general badass

But who is she really?? Some fun facts:

A girl has a name- and in full it is actually Margaret Constance Williams. However, she has always been known as Maisie for short. Unlike Sophie Turner, Maisie does not come from a background of acting, and GoT was her first big professional break. Very impressive regarding how well she portrays her character on the show. Arya Stark is certainly my personal favorite. In 2012 at the age of 15, she was awarded Best Supporting Actress, making her the youngest Actress ever to receive the award. Being an outspoken advocate of woman’s rights, Maisie is known as a feminist favorite in the world of Television. This Actress is all about Girl Power, and this fits in with her character as the strong willed, independent Arya Stark perfectly. Maisie has also spoken out against the sexualisation of young actresses in Hollywood, saying that she has been very fortunate to be cast into roles that didn’t objectify her. We can certainly admire her views and bravery in speaking out about them.

Kit Harrington

We know him as: Jon Snow, friend of Wildlings, King in The North

But who is he really?? Some fun facts:

Kit has played a part in a few other notable movies, including Silent Hill and How To Train Your Dragon. A self-described Horror fan, Silent Hill was a perfect fit for Kit, who thoroughly enjoyed the eeriness of the role. Other than being drop dead gorgeous and a talented actor, Kit Harrington is also extremely humble! He has stated that he prefers to stay away from Social Media, as he doesn’t like talking about himself. Such a breath of fresh air. What is even more awesome for us is that, unbeknownst to many, Kit actually has South African Ancestry on his mother’s side. This must be where all of his awesomeness comes from, right? Kit also has a wicked sense of humor, and has had many fans rolling on the floor with his hilarious skit videos.

Peter Dinklage 

We know him as: Tyrion Lannister, Hand of The Queen, Comedian and Drunk

But who is he really?? Some fun facts:

We all love Tyrion Lannister and his shameless antics, forgiven by his quick wit and dry sense of humor. Peter Dinklage portrays the role so brilliantly- no one else could ever come close. In fact, he did not even have to audition for the part, as he was head hunted for the role by George R.R. Martin himself. Game of Thrones threw Peter Dinklage into the spot light, but he is certainly so much more than an actor. He is also a Husband, Proud Father and Animal Activist. In 2005, Peter married his wife Actress Erica Schmidt, who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Zelig in 2011. His caring nature has also led him to a life of Vegetarianism, and he has been outspoken regarding his views on the ill treatment of animals, stating that he is a Vegetarian because he has respect for animals. That is something I am sure we can all have a great deal of respect for.

Emilia Clarke 

We know her as: Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains. Possibly the future Queen of the 7 Kingdoms.

But who is she really?? Some fun facts:

The all-powerful Mother of Dragons has taken GoT fans by storm, and it has been fascinating watching her grow into her power. Like Sophie Turner, Emilia Clarke also had a very early introduction to the world of Theater and Acting. Her father is a Theater Sound Engineer, and her desire to one day become an Actress began at the age of 3 when she saw a Musical that he was working on. Despite her profound success on GoT, she was not the first choice for the role, and received it after it was turned down by Actress Tamzin Merchant. I am sure I speak for all of us when I say thank goodness for that, as I just cannot see anyone else performing the role as well as she does. Her role as Dragon Queen has certainly made a name for her, and she was even offered a role on the absurdly popular Fifty Shades of Grey, but turned it down as she was not comfortable with the nudity and high sexualisation. Respect! It is hard to imagine it now, but Emilia Clarke was also a victim of bullying at school because of her eyebrows. Ridiculous when I look at just how beautiful they are! She chose to stick through it and not do anything to alter her appearance, and she is now known as one of the most desirable women in the world. Very inspirational!

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