Waxing VS shaving : Which one is the best and why?

Summer is almost here and we all want to parade in beachwear with our cleanly shaved ( or waxed) bodies. The ongoing debate between shaving and waxing continues, and, below are the two grooming methods explained.Although many people go for waxing these days, read why shaving could also be an option.


This is by far the best hair removal method available. It is widely used as compared to shaving and it is reported to have amazing benefits too. Waxing includes applying a hot wax lotion on the surface of the body that you want hair removed from. A pad like thing is then used to pull of the hair from the roots,and yes, it does hurt but the results are pretty good. 

Hair is removed the source through waxing and it can be done both at home and professionally at beauty parlous. Waxed hair is reported to take up to 6 weeks before it grows back again and again this depends on the thickness of one’s hair. The cons of waxing include it being painful, expensive and can damage hair as it is pulled from the source.


The most easier and convenient way of hair grooming happens to be this one. Shaving includes using a razor to trim and remove body hair. Shaving is best suited for legs, arms and underarms and not delicate parts like bikini areas. 

Advantages of shaving include it being cheap and easy to do. However,shaving can cause cuts on the surface of the skin because of razor use. The hair grows back quickly and it is reported that shaving causes ingrown hair.

Next time you consider removing your hair,consider a lot of options from finances to comfort and best results.

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