Trevor Noah on Metro FM with DJ Fresh

While in South Africa for his upcoming show, Trevor Noah sat down with Metro FM’s DJ Fresh to talk about The Daily Show and his journey to where he is now.

The comedian revealed that he had no idea that South Africans were worried that he would “drop the ball” when he became the host of The Daily Show. “I’m glad I didn’t know how stressed South Africans were. The pressure I had on America’s side alone … I wouldn’t have handled it if I knew South Africa was looking the same way.”

When speaking about being on The Daily Show, Noah revealed, “I don’t host The Daily Show, I run The Daily Show and there’s a big difference. In South Africa you host a TV show. You go to work, and then you read the lines and then you leave. At The Daily Show I get to work, I run the show, from the morning until night time I’m there running the show. I have a great team of people, I have a staff of 120 people that I have to manage. I’m the person making the decisions. It falls on me. We fail it’s mine, we succeed we succeed together.”

The comedian also opened up about suffering through depression in the beginning of his career. “You know what depression is? Essentially, it will be a chemical thing in your brain where you perceive what is happening to you now to be happening to you forever. So if you’re having a bad day now or you’re having a bad moment, in your mind you go, ‘it’s forever’. And then you don’t want to wake up, you don’t want to work, you don’t want to live, you don’t want to do anything. It’s like it’s one of those things where you just deal with it.”

When asked by DJ Fresh if the Trevor today is the same one from three years ago, Noah responded, “No, definitely not. I’ve had to change, I’ve had to work on myself as a human being. I’ve engaged in politics like never before, I’ve probed every aspect of my mind. I think more than I used to, I apply myself more than I used to. I’m proud to say I’ve grown as a person.”

Trevor Noah will be performing at The Dome on 9-11 August.

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