3 different ways to wear your denim shirt.

A denim shirt is one of the classic items that every one of us has had, or still have still have in our wardrobe. Have a look at how you can style up your ever-fashionable denim shirt in 3 different ways. 

Option 1 – The Smart Casual look

Pair up your favorite jeans, preferably skinny jeans with your classic denim shirt of the same color. Finish off the look with your preferred heels and an accompanying handbag.Accessorize a little for an elegant finish.

Option 2 – The Date Night Look

Pair up your denim shirt with a skirt, preferably a black one for a formal look.Unbutton the first two buttons and wear a necklace with matching earrings.Add matching bangles and you are ready to slay.

Option 3- The lazy Ruffled look

This look has to be the easiest to pull off, rock up your denim jacket with jeggings and sneakers for a laid-back look. Add a cap and hoop earrings for a sporty look.

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