Former Generations star opens up about abortion

There is nothing better than living your truth and owning your story,more and more celebrities are opening up about difficult experiences in their lives to show others that they are not alone.

Refiloe Seseane, who starred as Dudu on Generations a few years ago, recently sharedher experience with abortion. In an interview with Azania Mosaka on Real Talk, Refiloe said that being able to be honest about it and upfront, perhaps will be encouraging for other people to perhaps reconsider the decision, “I don’t know, but the fact that I have gonethrough the journey, I’ve got the healing and can speak about itretrospectively, I think is something that could be of inspiration to someoneelse.” She said.

People have different opinions about the topic and, sometimes others even discourage women from going ahead with the decision. Refiloe revealed that a nursing sister asked her if she’s sure about her decision to terminate her pregnancy.  

“But my mind was made up, in so far as I knew that having a child at that stage would have just been too burdensome for me and for my family. Imight have prevented other future things from taking place because now the priority would have been in taking care of the child, feeding, educating – youknow, providing for the child as opposed to my own dreams and ambitions.

Refiloe also said whenever she sees babies or young people who would have been the same ageas her child, she’s always had question marks. 

What would she be like at this age? You wonder, you never really stop,actually. And even to this day, she would have been 19 years old. So, you’re thinking ‘ah, university. The questions are always there but I think workingthrough all of those emotions and just maintaining a sense of honesty is whathelps you cope and get through it…” 

“I thought I was going to die… It was the hardest thing I have evergone through… It haunted me all my life.”

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