Pro – Kid, South African Rap Icon dies.

We have been taken back by the death of our young star – Linda Mkhize. It has been stated that the family of hip-hop star  – Prokid was not happy about his side chick  – Nyatsi Mandisa Mbanjwa on the matter of her paying her last respect during his funeral, no one knows the credibility of that statement that was released by Sowetan Live.

The respected rap icon died on the 8th of August, 2018 in the arms of Mbanjwa, whom he had dated for almost a year behind his wife’s back.

On another hand, Sunday World claims to be told that Prokid’s family insisted that miss Mbanjwa was permitted to attend the funeral despite all the controversy. Apparently, this was negotiated when the family went to her flat in the CBD with a traditional healer to complete a ritual and “collect his spirit” before his funeral.

 [Linda “ProKid” Mkhize] died directly to an unusual cause of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract.

The departed rapper’ s loved one’s approved in a statement they collected –  post-mortem results on Tuesday. They revealed the 37-year-old was sick  from “Hemosuccus pancreaticus” that has to do with –  “bleeding in the pancreas, pancreatic duct, or structures near the pancreas, such as the splenic artery, that bleed into the pancreatic duct.”

JOHANNESBURG –  “ProKid”  funeral service was conducted on Sunday – 19 – August, 2018 morning with friends, acquaintances and family sharing emotional descriptions of the impact the rapper had on them.

“Heroes have flaws but it doesn’t take away from [the] fact that they are heroes,” said Kabelo Mabalane who served as the master of ceremonies.

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