Father's Day Gift Ideas

Mothers, and women in general, are easy to shop for. So when Mother’s Day comes up, finding the perfect present for mom is a relatively easy task. What’s not an easy task is the reverse day, Father’s Day. Dads are really hard to shop for and with Father’s Day coming up next week, it’s time to get out the thinking cap for a good brainstorming session.

Unlike with mothers, who generally like the same things, fathers require more thought. The present you buy depends on the kind of dad they are and the kind of things they like. For instance, clothes are a common gift to give but there are plenty of dads who don’t really care much for fashion. They like what they like and like the clothes they already own. There are even some dads who have clothes they have never worn before and buying them more just seems unnecessary.

If your dad is the kind that likes to enjoy a drink every now and then, then maybe a nice bottle of wine or champagne will be appreciated. If they aren’t the fancy kind of drinkers, then find something that fits their taste and accompany it with a beer mug or even shot glasses.

If your dad is the type who likes to self groom, then help him out with that. You can get him shaving machine set of a quality brand to keep their facial hair just the way they like it. Or maybe even a hair shaver so they can skip the trip to the barber.

Maybe they’re the musical type instead in which case you can buy them a few of their favourite CD’s to listen to in the car or at home. Or maybe an iPod with their favourite songs would be better. If they already have that then try buying a brand new pair of headphones.

Lastly, if they are the physical activity type and love fitness, especially playing sports, then you can get them some new running shoes or even a brand new workout outfit. You could even get a smartwatch, to help them keep track of their progress.

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