Biggest Celebrity Feuds

Celebrities feuding with each other is like watching a soap opera, you just can’t wait to see what happens next. The back and forth on social media, calling each other out and in some cases even writing songs to diss one another. It’s weirdly entertaining to witness. Take these feuds for example.

Vin Diesel vs The Rock

This feud started after The Rock posted on Instagram that things weren’t all sunshine and rainbows on set of Fate of the Furious. Regarding his male co-stars he wrote, “Some conduct themselves as stand up men and true professionals, while others don’t. The ones that don’t are too chicken s**t to do anything about it anyway.”

The post turned out to be aimed at co-star Vin Diesel in regard to his work ethic, showing up late on set and spending a lot of time in his trailer. How this feud will affect the next installment in the franchise, we’ll have to wait and see.

Bonang Matheba vs Somizi

What was once a close friendship is now turned into a bitter rivalry that is said to be beyond repair. Both of these stars have different stories to what actually started the feud. Somizi thought that the fallout was due to the Bonang and AKA story, and she was upset with him for going off about the affair. However in queen B’s book, From A to B, she revealed that she felt she could no long trust him, so she cut him out.

Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift

It’s no secret that these two pop stars had some “Bad Blood” between them. The feud started after Perry supposedly “poached” dancers from Swift in the middle of her tour for her own. Swift saw the act as Perry trying to sabotage her tour and sparked the song Bad Blood. 

Miley Cyrus vs Nicki Minaj

The feud between these two was ignited due to Nicki Minaj being upset about her video for the song Anaconda not being nominated for Video of the Year at the VMA’s. This lead to a back and forth between her and Taylor Swift who was the winner of the award. In an interview, Cyrus said that the incident sound very “Nicki Minaj” and not very polite. The rapper then called the singer out on stage during the VMA’s about the comments she made.

Casper Nyovest vs AKA

Perhaps the biggest hip hop feud SA has seen is the competitive feud between AKA and Casper Nyovest. Both artists wanted the title of being the best in the industry and so began their clash of wits and egos. With diss tracks being exchanged, the feud even had some wondering if it was staged or not.
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