She’s known as ‘Vanilla Blonde Bailey’ – but to us, she’s that fun, bubbly presenter that caught our attention on Expresso Show with her segment, “Beauty With Bailey”, and is currently stealing our hearts on Smile 90.4 FM in Cape Town.


Born and raised in Johannesburg, Bailey is a true foodie at heart, a passionate animal lover, and enjoys working out. But, it’s her latest lifetime achievement that’s allowed Bailey to take a step back from the limelight for a short while… motherhood. 


Whilst becoming a first-time mom has most certainly become her most important ‘job’ to date, Bailey is a professional at heart and proceeds to put her professional career up there with her top 5 main priorities in life. She’s determined to bounce back after baby and come back stronger and more determined than ever. 


– You’re back in business. How does it feel to be back on air with Smile 90.4 FM after recently having a baby? 

It feels really good to be back doing what I’m passionate about and to research topics for air that are of adult stimulation and not only about babies.

– How has the adjustment been, getting back into radio after taking time off to have your baby? 

I went back to work after only 10 weeks and if I’m completely honest, it definitely was too soon. However, I am making it work and adjusting to the juggling and creating my new norm. On my first day back, there was definitely many tears. I must admit that I think it was worse in my head leading up to going back, than what it was like in reality. It was awesome to see my work colleagues again and talk about adult things, but when my show was over, I couldn’t wait to get home to baby breath and cuddles. Taking that little break from him makes me miss him and appreciate our time together even more. 

– Take us through your daily routine as a mom and businesswoman? 

My life has completely changed. Let me start with a typical day. My days now juggle between feeding and looking after Georgie and my career. I express breast milk at around 5:30am, which is when I sit on my laptop and start reading through news and research for my radio show. I feed my son at around 6am and then sit down at around 7:30am to continue doing my show prep. Once all the features are prepped and put into our show’s format, I’ll send that off to my co-host, Maurice. I express again at around 08:30am. Feed him again at 9am. I then write and photograph content for my blog, Vanilla Blonde and I usually have voice-overs to record or meetings. Sometimes I am able to bring my son with me, otherwise, my husband looks after him. 

I get home by 11:30am to express again, feed my baby and get ready for the show. I leave home at 1:30pm and my husband looks after our baby boy, which is wonderful, to get to Smile 90.4 FM on time. Maurice and I record some features and meet with our programme director and station manager to go through the show’s content and tweak it, then at 3pm we are ready for a fun afternoon of the Smile Drive until 6pm. I get home by about 6:30pm to express, then it’s bath time and bed time for baby up until about 20:30. 

I then either cook dinner and sit down with my husband and chat about our days or watch a series. I express every 4 hours and feeding every three to four hours throughout the night. Alternatively, I get home to express for baby and then head out to MC an event. Once home, it’s expressing and feeding throughout the night!



– Why is it important to you to maintain that “businesswoman” image? 

Becoming a Mom is one of the most amazing (and by far the hardest) job I do, but it also doesn’t mean that I have stopped my dreams and let go of my goals with regards to my career, which I have worked really hard on for the past 17 years. I also want to give my baby the best life I can and to show him that when you do what you love, working hard (and smart) is a pleasure! I have my first “baby” of my career and my newborn, and life is wonderfully full. It’s all about finding a new norm – some days I get it right and some days are right-offs and I learn from them.

– As a businesswoman, what can we expect from you over the next few months? 

I work hard on producing and presenting my Afternoon Drive show on Smile 90.4 FM and I love working on bringing fun content to the airwaves. I have a few projects that I’ve put on hold as I was on maternity leave and my focus has been on my newborn, but it feels really good to be back in my career, even though I am still trying to find my new norm and trying to work out how to fit everything in. I’m excited to get back into my projects – my YouTube channel, my blog, writing and other projects I can’t speak of just yet. As we wind down the end of 2017, things are slowing down, but come 2018 I’ll be ready and excited to get going again! 


– What are your short-term career goals going forward? 

Getting back into MC work – something I absolutely love doing and creating great content for my YouTube channel and blog and another project I can’t speak of just yet. 

– Tell us a bit more about your blog? Do you still consider yourself an active blogger and have you stepped away from it being primarily mommy-focused? 

My blog, Vanilla Blonde, is a lifestyle blog that is sort of like my diary on my small piece of the internet – it’s an extension of me. I write about my personal experiences, beauty and fashion, recipes, travel and now that I’ve become a Mom, I’ve added my experiences of my pregnancy and motherhood. I love that my blog has grown up with me… My audience has experienced everything from my earlier break-ups and career moves to my engagement and wedding plans and now my new family. My blog brings me great joy to write and I am sad that I haven’t been able to blog as often as I used to, but I know my audience understands where I am at in terms of settling with a new baby.


– Your husband, Socrates aka Sox, is a well-known DJ. How do you deal with both being in the entertainment industry? 

I love that we are both in the entertainment industry because we really understand each other and what the industry entails. He is my biggest cheerleader and I am his. I also love that our times are flexible, so we get to spend a lot of time together not only during the weekends, despite Sox’s work schedule but also during the week, despite mine. 



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