The Incredible Twins Who Slay Together

Either you know a set of twins, you are having twins or you are just curious about how twins live then sit back and relax, let me help you understand the relationship between twins. I personally think that being a twin is awesome so you’re about to find out why.

We all had those days when you clashed with everyone at school and you find it difficult to go to school. Well if you had a twin you’d have someone to talk to, keep you company and stand up for you. When nothing else goes right, your twin will always be there for you and help you get through those difficulties.

Millicent Mashile and Innocent Sadiki are dynamic, beautiful and intelligent twins I have never seen. Innocent made her depute appearance on SABC 1 Skeem Saam on January as Sthoko and everybody loves her. Millicent is a TV presenter, actress and a radio host, they all have brains! Mind you, they also got married both in 2010. They are 28 years of age and are TV presenters on Alpha Youth, channel 331 One Gospel Channel.

These twins are like guardian angels, partners in crime and best friends. They are identical, look out for each other and the most stylish twins ever. According to Daily Sun the twins travel to different churches in Johannesburg on Friday evenings to meet different young people. They talk to them about issues that we deal with as youth, such as unemployment, social media and peer pressure.

Let us see some of the pictures they took together.

Photos Source: Instagram

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