Did AKA diss Bonang (Queen B) on his track.

AKA escalated temperatures these past weeks with a fascinating freestyle rap that fanatics maintain it is pointing at Bonang Matheba (Queen B). There is a video that was unleashed of Zinhle’s baby Daddy – Aka, the recent “Don’t Forget to Pray hitmaker” engaging with an entourage of fanatics, who speckled him towards his vehicle.

The cries of expressions depicted by supporters were able to trigger AKA to perform a rap spontaneity.

“Waited two years just to see you with your weave off… What that say about your character, you was f**king me while I was paying damages,” he raps in the video.

Earlier this year AKA came forth and acknowledged that his hands are dirty to the cheating allegations on DJ Zinhle with Queen B – remember they both repudiated during the course of their relationship. Directly proceeding DJ Zinhle giving birth to their beautiful daughter Kairo in 2015, thank God AKA settled (inhlawulo) damages to Zinhle’s family, that would have been way embarrassing.

Kiernan Jarryd Forbes – AKA’s rap freestyle seemed to unleash some dirty laundry and it became so vivid, and Twitter followers concured, with various individuals disputing the song’s lyrics. Social media went ballistic, the Top Billing presenter ( Boning Matheba ) was trending on Wednesday night.

People added their two cents of perspective- “Bonang’s willingness to cheat with an AKA that was expecting a baby can never be excused ever!!!” I must say it goes both ways, everyone involved is responsible for their actions, what was he thinking?

Others have a different perspective; others think the freestyle might be from one of the tracks on his forthcoming album, “Touch My Blood”.

Apparently, the rapper chaffed the album’s track-list around March and come to think of it there is a chance that this could be a single. Whatever the case may be, I hope they settle their differences and act matured about it, especialy AKA. 

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