There is so much pressure experienced by various individuals and a persistent pursuit of riches, counterfeit lifestyle, since there is a demand of individuals emerging in affluence in our communities, well, more like a demand to appear rich.

A benevolent guidance to all people affected by the above predicament is a must, one can never propitiate anyone, due to the fact that no one will ever measure up to societal standards. What might work for one could be the total opposite for another.

Honestly, there are insufficient individuals that are beaming at your advancement. Attempting to delight anyone in life at your expense equals to a “self-sabotage” killer tactic, and that rarely has a pretty ending.

We are existing in a culture that merits money and assets — nearly to the paramount. This has endorsed a (keeping up with the Kardashians) variety of disposition. Every Jack & Jill aspires to be wealthy — or perhaps have the form of being moneyed (rich). Although this has formulated people that disregard financial discipline and propels them to engage in heedless options in connection to their finances, and by the way, there is a lot of individuals still maintaining an attitude of blaming circumstances or someone else for how their finances are depleted, accountability is crucial for change to ever take place.

Now, this is lethal. As stated in the establishment of this article, multitudes are overblown by this requirement and this is dangerous to self. Nevertheless, what is the nib? The assumption that being successful is related to the acquirement of an enormous house or steering an expensive vehicle? What does this mean? This cannot be declared as the infinite indication that you are opulent, by who’s standard are we cohering to anyways??….. I am convinced that the majority of the individuals who happen to be in possession of all the ‘rich-looking’ possessions are intensively plunging in debt. Let us try to think about this for a minute, what is wrong with inhabiting a humble affordable house and operating a typical vehicle, understanding that you are debt free and at peace…… you and I both consciously know this could be a better alternative than drowning in debt.


Well, let us dissect some of the options we have, so we can retaliate prior to purchasing on credit.

 Interrogate yourself: 

Will I be able to reimburse the outstanding amount on my credit card were required on a monthly base?

You need set priorities, are we purchasing a want or a need? I mean if your finances prohibit you from buying, reconsider and forfeit the idea. You do not need to feel obligated to buy and add to your expense, especially to try and please other people while you drown.

It is about time you practised discipline, you need to document all the  STOCK OF ALL YOUR DEBT and be alert of your financial standing: You need to be savagely candid with your financial situation so you can be able to implement solutions to the matter.

It is important to formulate A BUDGET monthly: There is a need for you to be pragmatic when you generating a budget. In life to be able to achieve great things that lead to a simple life, then sacrifices have to be part of the package. Your budget will need to be cut down on unnecessary expenditures.

Every cent that goes in and out has to be accounted for every time, TRACK YOUR COSTS: Jot down all your systemic cost and trail other costs that alter every other month, involving vacations and amusement travels. Definitely, that will serve as the footprint to your budget.


If you are already on credit, there are two habitual credit card payoff programs.

You must ingest additional capital with the highest interest rate while you are settling the debt. This lowers your debt and allows you to have cash in the process.

Always Try to Pay Off Your Debts Quickly

It is crucial to recall that a Debt Combination loan will attain you a prolonged period to settle off your debts, although there’s nothing prohibiting you from settling off your debt before the loan.

Be wise, be schooled, don’t be conformed to the patterns that render you to a lifestyle of debt in order to impress people who do not care about you.

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