Durban July Fashion Saga.

That time of the year, on a yearly premise, individuals journey from all districts of the country and even the mainland of Africa to coincide in Durban for the yearly Vodacom Durban July weekend.

The 2018 instalment at the Greyville Racecourse, witnessed divergent assorted people entrancing with their fashion sense to the event, which by the way has been labelled as one of the prominent horse-racing tournament in Africa.

This year’s disclosed subject matter – (theme) was: “It is time.

It could not have been a success without Zodwa Wabantu, she reported to the Daily News, that she is about to bring the fire in the building, with her three costumes and confessed to the concern of strain of surpassing her outfit from the previous year in July.

“I’m aware and I’m scared but excited at the same time,” she said.

On her outfit, the socialite said she would be wearing a black number with no panties.

“It’s black and it will reveal that I will not be wearing panties.”

Oh, she appropriately fulfilled her promise, clothed in a broadcasting number, which dangled off her butts and her body parts. She is one brave South African citizen.

Zodwa and Skolopad’s Vodacom Durban July were the shock’s, referred to as “fashion misses than hits” and Zodwa Wabantu affirmed prior that she would be entertaining people at two marques, lol although Skolopad confessed that she had no endorsement for her trip.

 She is enjoying her only life and doing as she pleases, we cannot blame her for her choices either you embrace or look away.

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