You Can Make Stilettos Feel Like Any Other Shoes

By Boitumelo Seimela

High heels are the most trending range of shoes when it comes to women’s fashion. They are amazing because they help you stand up taller, feel confident and look smart. Although, walking in high heels can be painful more especially if you’re not used to them. Don’t stress much about it because learning to walk in high heels just takes a little practice. If you can just follow the below helpful tips, in no time you will be slaying your 6-inch stilettos!

Start small and work your way up-It is always best to start with wider heels that has a low heel of about 2-3 inches. You cannot choose a pair of 5 inch from the beginning if you know that you are not used to walking in heels. Practice makes perfect! If you start with stilettos with low heels you will learn and start feeling confident in them, then you will know that you are ready to go to another level.

Shop wisely- It is not always a good idea to see a person wearing nice stilettos then you decide to rush to the store and buy the very same heels. Reason being, the shape of our foot are not the same so it is advisable to pick shoes that suit the shape of your foot. That is why most people prefer to fit both shoes in a store and try to walk in them, to see if they feel comfortable or not.

Give your feet a break- When wearing high heels, try to avoid pains by sitting down whenever possible. This will help keep your feet fresh, give them break and stop any pain or discomfort. Try not to take off your heels even when you’re really tired because your feet may swell and it will be more painful to put them on.

Use cushions and insoles- These are designed to feel and provide enhanced shock absorption to the feet and legs. Cushions are made in different shapes and from different materials. You can stick them inside your shoe so that you walk comfortable and prevent blisters. If your shoes are too big you can use insoles which will prevent your feet from slipping off and also add comfort.

Walk from heel to toe- The aim of high heels is to walk as normal as possible. When walking in flats, you don’t walk on the balls of your feet or put your whole foot down at once, do you? So don’t do either of these things in heels. Put your heel to the ground first, followed by your toes. Then once your weight is on the balls of your feet, shift your weight forward as if you are walking on your tip toes, then push forward for the next step and rock that fabulous outfit!

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