Who says getting coal for Christmas is a bad thing?

The Benefits of adding Charcoal to your freshly squeezed juice


Juice made with activated charcoal has become a popular “detox” drink over the past year or so.

Yoga teacher and blogger Victoria Moore drinks charcoal lemonade once or twice a week —from lemon juice, organic maple syrup, Himalayan sea salt and activated charcoal powder. She hopes to purge toxins from processed food and environmental pollution and says the drink doesn’t taste as bad as it looks.

“On days when I start off with a detox drink I notice I feel more clear-headed, less stressed and more energized throughout the day,” Moore says.

Since bursting onto the mainstream scene nearly a decade ago, cold-pressed juices have come to encompass the full color spectrum, from deep earthy greens to vibrant reds and oranges—but lately, we’ve found ourselves wondering about the rows of little black bottles turning up at our favorite liquid-fix destinations. It reveals a new class of alkalizing brew that’s made from green juice or lemonade—and spiked with a flavorless form of food-grade carbon known as activated charcoal. Served in combination with ingredients like lemon zest, spinach, or hemp seeds, these murky tonics are marketed as everything from a hangover cure to a powerful skin-brightening, energy boosting elixir.

If the idea of using charcoal as a cure-all beauty remedy sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because it’s been added into topical face masks, cleansers, and creams as a method of drawing dirt out of the pores and purifying the complexion for decades. Now, the food and wellness industry is attempting to apply its benefits to your digestive tract.

It’s a line of reasoning that may have roots in the medical community, where activated charcoal has been largely used as a remedy for the ingestion of poisons.

Which may explain why health companies are attempting to maximize activated charcoal’s detoxifying benefits by taking it to the wellness community.

So why not give this interesting ingredient a try when next your drinking your daily greens, it doesn’t taste as bad as one would think and you can reap the daily benefits. So can your body, so next time someone says you getting coal for Christmas, make sure to tell them to add it your freshly pressed juice!

Unsure where to find this interesting drinks? Try Woolies for only R15.99 you can enjoy all the health benefits in this cold pressed juice!

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