From fast junk to healthy food: Ideas on how to switch your fast food meal to a healthy one.

We all know and love fast junk food, besides it being unhealthy and containing harmful ingredients. Fast food is convenient and easy to prepare, this then makes people to shy away from the kitchen and head to restaurants. 

Try these ideas to switch your basic unhealthy, fast food meal to a healthy meal without digging too much into your pockets.

-Consider a Vegetarian burger.

 Insteadof ordering a normal burger, rather opt for a vegetarian burger. Now before you frown your face and think you’ll be eating a plate of vegetables, consider a mouth watering Bean veggie burger platter with sliced onions and lettuce. 

-Cut down on fizzy drinks.


Fastfood outlets usually stock up a large variety of fizzy drinks to accompany their meals. Order water or fruit-juice for your meal instead of a cola fizzy drink. Add ice cubes or lemon syrup to spice up your preferred drink.

– Snack on salads.

Instead of snacking up on fries, consider a healthy salad. Switch up your basic vegetable salad and mix it with chicken breast or poached fish.Add salad dressing which includes olive oil and vinegar for an exquisite taste.

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